Recipe's Restaurant

Last Sunday, March 14, H and I decided to go out on a date for a change. Even though we see each other everyday and we leave the house together almost everyday, it's always for work work and work. So we decided to take some time and go out on a date. We went to Greenbelt to catch Manny Pacquiao's fight and was able to catch just the last round. NSG as usual was full house! And amidst the heat, all the people were standing outside watching the huge projector for Manny's fight. That's how Filipinos unite! Haha. After the fight, we were so hungry and decided to chew on Filipino food.

We went to Recipes. It's always good to eat at Recipes. I've been there so many times and I keep coming back for their signature dishes.

On to our food Yummy!

Gising Gising P160.00

Love love love the gising gising. It's hot and healthy since it's vegetable. It has "gata" which makes it even tastier. I always order this.

Generals Chicken P205.00

Yes this is my favorite dish of Recipes. The chicken is marinated with a sweet sauce (I don't know what it's called), but it's heavenly. It's already chopped in bite size pieces. Yumyumyum! My favorite meat is chicken, so this- for me is the winner!

Another photo of Gen Chicken (hehe)

Next food:

Crispy Tilapia P205.00

This is my husband's favorite, I think. Because we've already eaten here a couple of times and he always like eating this. Very very crispy which I love. Yummy fish. I'm not a big fan of fish but I don't mind this.

Bottomless Iced Tea P65.00/person

Ain't it cute? I think this IS the way to go for bottomless drinks. I'm a huge drinker but I hate calling the waiter over and over again for my refill. At Recipes, they give you a whole pitcher so you don't have to catch the attention of the waiter again and again and you enjoy your food without any interruptions.

Thoughts on the place: Recipes
Overall, the food is really good, place is clean, decent ambiance, price is okay, cheaper than the other restaus around it. So you should try eating there when you go to Greenbelt 3.


 3.5 out of 4 Schnauzers