Strawberry Taho

Still from my trip:

Next stop was to go to Mines View Park. It’s a place that every tourist must go to. They sell everything from food to clothes, things you would want to buy as souvenirs and as gifts to your friends and loved ones. In Filipino terms, “pasalubong”.

I wasn’t actually able to take a lot of pictures during my visit to Mines View because there was a lot of people that time and I didn’t want to get and use my camera (for obvious reasons).

One thing I wanted to try was the Strawberry Taho. A lot of vendors have been telling us and urging us to try it, so we gave in and bought one.

The white part is taho, which is made of soybeans. And the red syrup is the strawberry syrup. You might not be able to see, but there’s also sago in it.

The best way to enjoy your taho is to drink it while it’s still warm. I asked the vendor to put lots of syrup because I really really like it. πŸ™‚

Strawberry taho is really delicious. Sad that we don’t have it here in Manila or probably in other countries too. So when you do visit Baguio in the Philippines, never forget to try the Strawberry Taho. πŸ™‚