Fresh Catch Isdaan

I am back from my Baguio trip!!! It was truly truly beautiful. :) Of course I'll be sharing some of the photos I took from the trip. First stop is our short trip to Tarlac to have lunch.

I have always wanted to visit Fresh Catch Isdaan. I've seen the restau before during my first trip to Baguio and I've watched a feature about it too.

We were still full when we got there so we ordered the following:

Buko Juice still in its shell.

Grilled Tilapia:

Wrapped in banana leaf so smelled really good.

Tada! There's onions, tomatoes, all good stuff! Yum!

While waiting, you can ask fish food from the waiter and you may feed the fish.

Here are some of the beautiful spots we just had to take photos of.

I look like I'm in a different country, don't I?

The giant statues that will greet you as you park the car.

The spitting and urinating monkeys. Haha! You can win 1 kilo of fish if you survive this game.

Legend of the giant hand.

The infamous Tacsiyapo wall, where you can purchase plates, mugs, pitchers, even old television sets and throw/smash them onto the wall. This was believed to release anger.

We will definitely be going back here when we go to North next time. It really is a must! :)


  1. awww you definitely had fun! :) Cool ba ang weather?

    It's been a long time since I last went to Baguio! I should revisit there!

  2. i love Baguio! i hope you post an entry about the trip!

    we always passed by the isdaan restaurant but never tried it. you got me interested!

  3. Woohoo, I love tilapia :D looks so yummy! I guess that giant hand, the water supposed to fall ? maybe? :) You must had a good time! Sounds like nice vacation.

  4. - Stilettos to Sweets -November 2, 2008 at 10:55 AM

    Nikki: Umm it is. It's cold during nights, pero pag mornings lalo na pag tanghali it's quite warm. I wore sleeveless nga one day eh. :)

    Sab: I love Baguio too. In fact, it's only my second time to go there. Coz I get really restless during long drives. Haha! Isdaan's quite nice. I like the ambiance and the food's fresh.

    Digital Angel: First off, I saw your post with you halloween makeup, it's so cool. Haha! Anyways, yes the tilapia was cooked delicately and the onions and tomatoes really made a huge difference in the taste. :) Yes you know about the giant hand! :)

    - Char