Rose Bowl

Another restaurant I tried during my trip to Baguio was Rose Bowl.

Let's back track a little. Before going to Baguio, we have decided that we'll try the restaurants that are only in Baguio and cannot be found in Manila. So we did a lot of research. We love eating so it won't really be a vacation without yummy food.

On to Rose Bowl. It's a Chinese restaurant near Session Road. According to H, Rose Bowl has been established more than 10 years ago. Of course it has already been renovated and maybe the dishes were also updated, but the quality was still good. Anyways, here are our orders:

Fried Chicken to share:
The chicken was really tender, it reminded me of Max's Fried Chicken here in Manila.

Sweet and Sour Pork
I am so happy about this dish because the pork is really cooked in the authentic way. There were not much extenders (or maybe there weren't any). Really good.

Chicken Curry:
I like this dish!!! It was different from the usual chicken curry I eat in Indian restaurants. Yes, I like Indian food too. This was cooked the Chinese way with button mushrooms.

I wasn't able to take a photo outside because it was already dark and there were a lot of people walking briskly. But here's a picture inside.

All in all, Rose Bowl serves authentic Chinese food, which is really important to Chinese people like me. I don't really like Chinese food that much (just my personal preference) but this restaurant was really good. It's not very cheap, but not that pricey either. I think the bill totaled more or less P700.