Baguio: Nagomi Spa

What is a getaway without some R&R? Do I hear spa bells anyone? :)

Yes, while in Baguio... (OT: Yes I will be posting about my Baguio Trip probably the whole week, I'd be sharing my experiences, food, ambiance, adventures. So hold your horses for my beauty entries.) We simply had to have our massages. Yehey!

We searched the city for a quaint and nice spa and we ended up at Nagomi Spa. H got the Nagomi Stone Body Massage which uses hot stones to relieve the stress from the back and I got the combination of Swedish Body Massage & Foot Massage, since as you all know, I'm a sucker for foot massages.

As we waited, they had our feet soaked in warm water and rose petals. It was a relaxing feeling. Then we were escorted to our 20-minute sauna. It was H's first time and I couldn't help but laugh that H couldn't breathe inside. Hahaha! :p

Afterwhich, we were accompanied to our VIP room. Here's a photo before the massage started.

On to our massages:

O's Nagomi Stone Body Massage: P700
According to H, the stones were very very hot. In fact I heard him tell his therapist to remove some rocks a couple of times. As he said, he didn't know if the stones should be THAT hot or if they just didn't know what they were doing. At the back of my head, I thought I'm so glad I didn't get that massage or else I might not be able to nap as I would be talking to therapist over and over again just to get the right temperature. In my opinion, I wouldn't know also if the stones were really THAT hot. H has quite a thin skin when it comes to heat. He always puts the aircon to a cold temperature which is to cold for me. So we never know. But aside from that, he also got a body massage so he was relaxed and dozed off too.

My Swedish Body Massage & Foot Massage Combo: P795
My therapist was really really really good. Before she even started, she already asked me about the pressure, so I told her "hard". And that was it. I didn't have to tell her to make the pressure harder at all. The leg massage was really good too. And surprisingly, I dozed off when she was massaging my back. Normally I don't doze off, most especially if it's dry massage. But I was disappointed with the foot massage, because again it was Xiammen massage and not Thai. I asked them prior to the service if the foot massage was Thai or Xiammen, unfortunately, I don't think they know the difference. I was disappointed with that.

After our massages, we were handed hot towels to wipe and clean our bodies. Normally, in spas here in Manila, they'd be the ones to do this for you.

As we head to the receiving area, there was a tea set waiting for us. The tea, I don't know what kind smelled so good. It was delicious, very very relaxing.

Overall, the massage was okay. It was relaxing, just what we needed. But I don't think I'll go back again. Maybe I'll try another spa first and see and compare which is better. :)