My DIY Mom Era

As a mom of multiples that are now starting school, I also have entered my DIY mom era. It's a funny thing, to be honest; because I've always said I'm not that creative and I don't have any talent when it comes to DIYs. But alas, here we are. 

The twins attended summer school before their regular school started. It was a short one, maybe 3 weeks long? And for their culminating activity, they were asked to wear a superhero costume. Now, most of my friends know that I don't keep a lot of costumes. And I don't like buying as much as possible, because my kids don't wear costumes or themed outfit all the time. So I had to be smart and DIY it. I checked the twins' clothes to see what we can use.

Wonder Woman and Spiderman

Nia was Wonder Woman. I found a red blouse that she inherited from Ro. As for her bottoms, I initially wanted a skirt but she didn't have any plain blue skirts. Good thing their uniform's shorts is blue. The perfect blue I was looking for, so that's what I let her wear. Her shoes are Niko's. (They didn't fit him anymore, so pasa na kay Nia.) 

For her accessories, I would like to thank the internet. Haha! I just looked for printable accessories. And use an old yellow ribbon for her lasso.

She was so excited when I let her try it on for the first time. She didn't know who Wonder Woman was, so I had to show her photos so she'd be familiar with the character.

Niko, on the other hand, already had a Spiderman suit. It was a loaner from a friend of mine. It's actually a swimwear that he has already used once before. When the school said superhero, I immediately thought of this. Niko likes Spiderman a lot so this was perfect.

Since I wanted to dress him up a little more, I decided to print a spider and put it across his chest. And I made him a mask too. I chose a small eye mask instead of a full one, because let's face it, it's soooo hot and he might have a difficult time breathing if it's a full mask he's wearing. For his shoes, I just asked him to wear black shoes and got a blue/red pair of socks to complete the outfit.

Of course, Niko with his poses, internalizes his character very well. Hehe! Out of all my kids, he is the wackiest and the best at projection!

As for Robyn, before her school started, we needed new and updated id photos. The last time she was in school (face to face) was 3 years ago. Imagine that! So all her photos in her school files were so young. So we needed new photos to submit to her school. Being the DIY mom that I am, and a frugal girl at that- I decided to take her photos and have them printed myself. I could have printed it, but I didn't have photo paper and colored ink at that time. Hehe!

I added just a tiny bit of blush and lipstick just to give her color on her face. Pasensya na, the makeup artist in me is still there. Haha! She wanted to keep her eyeglasses on so I didn't do anything with her eyes. I think her photos turned out really nice. I liked how she smiled in the photos I took.

Well that is it for now, but I'm sure, since I've already stepped into this era, there will be more. :) 

and it was all yellow...

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