Zenutrients Baby Love Must Have for My Babies!

When I gave birth to the twins, Robyn was almost 7 yrs old, which meant that the last time I had to care for a newborn was 7 years ago. Fortunately, I still have a ton of memory and I also have vlogs and videos from before that helped me remember things.

I received some stuff from Zenutrients just before I gave birth. They sent over two products from their Baby Love line. I got the Top to Toe Wash and the Baby Love Balm.

I wasn't able to use the Baby Love Top To Toe Wash right away but my babies are using this now. And so far I am happy with it. I personally prefer using one product for the hair, face and body especially for babies just because it's easier and more convenient. This product moisturizes my babies' skin. Niko has really sensitive skin. He has Atopic Dermatitis so I've been using different products on him compared to Nia. But this Zenutrients Top to Toe Wash works for him too.

My babies skin feel nourished and moisturized. It doesn't bubble up too much so it's easy to clean up and rinse my babies. The only thing is it's not tear free, so I try to move fast to clean them up without rubbing too much on their eyes.

One of my baby essentials is rash prevention creams and treatment. Robyn battled a nasty form of rashes when she was a newborn (less than a month old) that actually led to a brutal case of Jacquets Dermatitis. You may google it to see more photos. Since then, I was very keen on keeping her nappy area clean and I always apply rash creams every diaper change.

Fast forward to the twins, I again purchased the same rash creams I used on Robyn but also wanted to try new ones too. So when my newborn rash cream ran out, I checked my cabinet and saw that I still have Baby Love Baby Balm. I started using it when they were around 4 months old.

The balm reminds me of CJ Butter which was what I used on them initially. CJ Butter, even though it was really good, is really difficult to find nowadays. Apparently, there’s only one seller left online who carries it. So trying to purchase it is such a hassle. Zenutrients Baby Balm, on the other hand, is available not only online, but also in their retail stores. 

Baby Balm has a “petroleum jelly” like texture. It melts easily on the skin so it’s very easy to spread and a little goes a long way. As far as its effectivity, I would say it's effective at preventing rashes. My babies didn't have really bad cases of rashes. And when they do, I spread the Baby Balm right away to help moisturize and calm the area instantly. Every change, I spread a thin layer. However, I use it not only for nappy changes but just about anywhere they get rashes. Right now, because they love kicking and moving around, and because of friction, their inner thighs (especially Niko's) tend to get rashes, so I use this product as well. 

Looking at the ingredients, you'll find different kinds of oils and even shea butter. That's what helps it become a great barrier against redness and rashes.

Next product is not from the Baby Love line but I still wanted to include it here as I use this on all 3 of my kids. I love the Bug Repellant Balm. See, there's a time of the year when all the insects especially flies and mosquitoes. And obviously, I prefer using natural products especially on my babies' delicate skin. I realized that I have this one from Zenutrients. I like this because it smells nice, not your usual citronella-y smell. It also has lavender to calm the skin too. And even though it's a balm, it's not uber sticky.

Upon checking Zenutrients' site, I don't think they sell the balm anymore. They have sprays in lieu of the balm. There's Lemon and Citronella Natural Spray which I think works as an insect repellant too.

So far those are my must haves from Zenutrients for my little ones. They also have stuff for adults too. I actually got to try their Gugo Shampoo and Conditioner, and some from their Argan line too. Will save those for next time. :)


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