From My Sister's Oven Cookies

If you were to ask me what snack is my most favorite, hands down, it's cookies. Cookies make me happy when I'm sad or angry. Cookies also recharges me when I'm feeling down and tired. I love cookies so much that I even considered Milk and Cookies as theme for Robyn's first birthday party- and to be honest, even for the twins' birthday. Hehe!

Now that I've pretty much established my love for cookies and how much of a cookie addict I am, I wanted to talk about a new brand of homemade cookies that I'm pretty sure any cookie and chocolate chip fan will love. It's from a new IG bake store, From My Sister's Oven.

They carry different cookies but my favorite would be the Chunky Choco Walnut and Chewy Oatmeal Cookies. I'm not a fan of oatmeal cookies in general, but this is the only exception. 

Chunky Choco Walnut P540 for 12pcs 

I really like the size of the cookie. It's the perfect snacking size and it's so evident that the ingredients used are of premium quality. Unlike other cookies, I could actually see the big chunks of walnuts and chocolate. Hindi tinipid ang ingredients. So see, it's priced fairly reasonably for the quality. 

I like my cookies chunky so the Chunky Choco Walnut is my favorite. I've eaten it straight from the ref and it still tastes great. It doesn't change its texture, not one bit. My husband, who isn't a cookie lover such as myself, really likes these that he always reminds me to order a box! Yes, he loved it too.

The cookie itself is moist, packed with chocolate chunks! The chunks are evenly distributed and each you'll surely bite into one every time. Everything, down to the sugar, is well sifted and blended. So nothing sticks out too sweet or too salty. 

Just looking at these photos and typing this post makes me drool and want to grab a cookie! If you're craving for a little snack or have a sweet tooth, you might want to get a cup of milk and order your own box of cookies and maybe another as reserve From My Sister's Oven.


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