32 Weeks TWIN Pregnancy Update (Second Pregnancy)

How is everybody doing? I hope you are all well. It has been a difficult month, this March with the Covid19 virus and everything else in between. I really pray that we get through this soon. For now though, I’ll try to make use of my time wisely during this community quarantine. Though if I was to be honest, I’ve been pretty much in quarantine since giving birth to my twins last December 27, 2019.

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This video was taken November 18, 2019. I was 32 weeks and 1 day pregnant based on my LMP.

In this video, I was on my 8th month of pregnancy with my twin babies. My doctor told me that I’d be giving birth before end of the year and that’s exactly what happened. At this point, I was on nesting mode and I have already started my babies’ hospital bag. I used luggages- that’s how much stuff we needed! Haha! I recorded a video of the things I’m bringing with me in the hospital, I’ll upload it soon.