25 Weeks TWIN Pregnancy Update (Second Pregnancy)

This video was taken September 29, 2019. I was 25 weeks pregnant based on my LMP.

Before anything else, let me just announce that I have already given birth last December 27, 2019 to my twins. Having twins and taking care of them has been quite challenging so it’s so difficult for me to find time to turn on my computer and update you guys. Sorry about that. As I’m navigating my new life as a mom of three with two newborn babies, I’m also trying to adjust to our new routine and new normal. Hope you can be patient with me. 🙂 If you want to be updated with what’s happening with me in real time, please follow me on Instagram (@yellowyum).

In this video, I share what has been happening to me during the last stretch of my second trimester. 🙂

I loved feeling my babies, feeling them move. It’s a little difficult to tell them apart but my ultrasound shows that they’re both active. Yey! I passed my Glucose test and learned that my RBC (red blood cells) count is lower than recommended, so I started taking iron supplements. I also started buying things for the babies. Just a few things here and there. So I show all those in this video hoping that I can give you a few ideas on what to purchase for your babies as well.