Curves Waist Trainer for that Hourglass Body!

We all know that females aim to have that hourglass figure. Whether young or old, that’s pretty much the goal. After giving birth to Robyn and undergoing a Cesarean section, I was advised to wear a girdle to help hold up my stomach. It made a lot of sense and actually helped me feel very secure that my stitches were not going to burst open.

A few months after, my in laws referred me to a waist trainer maker. I had one made, but it was kind of difficult to wear as it was a full body suit. So I’ve only really worn it for very special occasions.

Fast forward to last year, I jumped in and decided to try a new waist trainer. This one is from Curves Shapewear. It’s a fairly new company but they’ve got a good selection of waist cinchers and trainers.

The Curves Waist Cincher is a modern waist garment that helps shape the body, particularly the waist. This shapewear is key to having an hourglass figure. It also provides good posture and helps relieve back pains.

  • effective waist training garment
  • high quality waist trainer/cincher
  • will result in smaller waistline (long term)
  • instantly reduces size of waistline upon wearing
  • gives good posture and minimizes back pains
  • naturally enhances your curves
  • suppresses appetite
  • very comfortable to wear
  • not visible under clothing
  • great as postpartum shapewear

The hooks are really well made. They’re very very sturdy so it’s not prone to any defects and breaks.

This was Day 1 of my waist training journey. Another reason why I really wanted to try it again is because my mommy pouch or puson has always been the hardest to get rid off. I’m sure most moms will agree with me on this.

I’ve used it several times last year, even during special occasions. Here’s one of those times. I attended my friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid and Curves really helped me achieve that sexy curve especially with my body hugging gown. It’s undetectable under your clothing. I also chose the beige/nude color to make it really invisible whatever color of my clothes are.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to continue with it religiously because I got rashes. I think this was mainly because of the sweat and friction from my skin and the waist trainer. It got bad that I decided to stop.

Fast forward, this year- I decided to give it a go once more. After testing out different ways to prevent rashes. Believe me, I’ve tried quite a few. I finally learned how to be able to wear my Curves waist trainer effectively with no itch and no pain!

I use Curash Anti-Rash Powder. Yes, it’s for babies and yes it’s usually for their bottoms. I’ve actually used this for Robyn before, when she was a baby too. So what I do is use the powder before wearing the waist trainer to absorb any sweat and prevent too much friction. And when I remove my waist trainer, I immediately put more powder on my tummy and sides. And at night, I put some body oil on the areas to replenish moisture.


Here’s when I started wearing the waist trainer again. When I’m just home, I prefer to wear it over my shirt for extra precaution to rashes. I started on the last hook just like before.

I don’t measure my waist. Honestly I don’t really measure at all. But I can see the progress. After about a week, I was on the middle/second hook.

I started on the last/farthest hook and I’m now on the final hook! And how I love the look of my waist this tiny! Haha!

Here are some questions you may have.

How long did it take me?

I’d say a month and a half give or take to reach the final hook. There were days I’m running late and can’t do the whole routine anymore (powder before wearing my waist trainer).

There are still some folds so I have to give my body a little bit more time to adjust.


How often do I wear it?

I wear it about 5x a week. I started by wearing it for 5 hours a day and then gradually increased the number of hours. Reason why I did this is because of my rash problem. I wanted to be more careful this time.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Surprisingly yes it is. It contours the right places without feeling too constricting. It actually somehow helps posture because it forces you to have a straighter spine.

I’m giving it till the end of the month before getting a size smaller. But heck I really like how it gives my waist that hourglass shape!

Now the only problem with waist cinchers is the “back fat”. Normally they gather right up the top part and it drives me insane trying to conceal it. Obviously this is something that waist trainers can’t help you with. How to get rid of it? Exercise. Yes, no short cuts. Huhubells!

So in terms of fitness, what have I been up to? I’ve gone back to my first love, dancing. I try to go as much as I could though time doesn’t really permit me to go as much as I would want to. But I still take it! Dancing is not only a form of exercise for me, it’s also therapy. I like how I get to just focus on myself for these number of hours. I’ve also gone back to the gym. I hired a professional trainer just to keep me on track and teach me how to effectively work out. And since I have been doing Intermittent Fasting for 7 months now, I am slowly transitioning to another form of dieting, Keto Diet. I found that I’ve already plateaued with IF so I have to change it up a little. Anyway that should be for another post.

Wearing a waist trainer also helps you NOT eat too much, since the fabric will not stretch too much, it forces you to eat just right. This is something that I really liked too. Because I usually like to indulge when I eat; so this way I’m forced to stop when I feel full already.

Well just in time because Curves Shapewear is actually having a SALE! They just celebrated their First Anniversary so they’re slashing off 15% OFF on all their body shapers from Sept. 11 until Oct. 10, 2018. So this is the best time to pick up your own waist trainer!



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