Mango Tree's New Dishes to Satisfy Your Thai Cravings

My husband and I have been reminiscing and talking about Thailand recently. I haven’t been back since 2012. It was actually my last trip prior to getting pregnant. Thailand, will always have a special place in our hearts and our stomachs. Haha!

I was so excited to check out Mango Tree‘s new dishes. Mango Tree always nails it; every single dish. And the new ones that they came out with have become probably my most favorite ones.



Mango Tree brings in Thai chefs to help them create their signature dishes so you’re assured that the ingredients they use are really authentic and are sourced from different part of Thailand.


Here’s Chef Papun to introduce the new dishes of Mango Tree to the media.


Thai Pork Skewers (P420)
Also available Chicken Skewers

The skewers are similar to our own barbeque. It has that hint of saltiness yet it’s sweet at the same time. The meat was very tender and the bellpepper and tomatoes complimented it nicely.


Crispy Rice Crackers (P280)

Robyn was with me because she had no school that day and she loved this. It’s a good appetizer. I personally find that the sauce is the star of the dish because the crackers were just ordinary rice crackers, bland. So dipping it into the sauce that was sweet and just a dash of spice really made this dish come alive.


Tom Yum Chicken Wings (P290)

This was my most favorite dish! It’s deep fried chicken wings covered in Tom Yum powder. It was more salty than spicy if you ask me and there’s also that beautiful sour flavor. Really it just works!


Prawns in Pandan (P580)

The prawns were quite big. I was actually surprised. When you taste it, it’s on the sweet side and the smell of the pandan leaves just gives it a kick. I think this is a perfect dish for kids and families.


Prawns in Tamarind Sauce (P580)

Also a great dish. The prawns were covered with a mixture of chili garlic sauce and tamarind sauce. It was both sweet and sour at the same time. Spiciness, I would say is mild. This is a signature Thai dish, if you ask me.


Mussaman Lamb Shank (P850)

I gotta say, I’m not a fan of lamb as I don’t really like the texture of it. But I just had to try this. It was quite tender and didn’t require too much effort to cut. It was made with a mild curry sauce and Thai spices. It was also served with potatoes and onions. I think this is something that will be a hit for those who want more intense flavors.


Mango Tree launched some of their cocktails.

Chili Mojito, Bellini and Belvedere Mango Tango
(P250 each)


And their coolers to freshen up our palettes.

Mango Tropical Cooler and Apple Calamansi Shake


Was able to try the Tropical Cooler and it really relieved me from the heat outside!


We were also able to taste some of their regular dishes like the Sea Bass in Tamarind Sauce (the best!), Phad Thai with Soft Shell Crab (not in my plate, as I’m allergic) and Homok Seafood Curry, which is another favorite of mine.


For dessert, we were given Sweet Cassava with creamy coconut milk.


Also Tub Tim Grob which reminded me of yogurt. It’s coconut ice cream with red ruby chestnuts.


The food, as always, was magnificent! Enjoy the new dishes, I promise they will instantly transport you to Thailand!



Mango Tree Restaurant

7th Ave Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City

Monday to Sunday 11am-3pm and 5:30-11:30pm

621-3233 or 091705342273