Pico De Loro Air BnB in Batangas

Last month, I went on a vacation with my family just for a long weekend. See, ever since Robyn started school, it’s been difficult to find time to go on holidays. Scheduling has definitely become more of  a challenge. So when one long weekend opened up, we decided to go on  a trip to Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas.


I researched on a place to stay and initially was planning to stay at Pico Sands Hotel but found out that there’s actually people offering their spaces for rent at Air BnB. So before I show and talk about our vacation, here’s a look at our Air BnB.


We got a studio type unit at one of the condominiums at Pico de Loro. We got it for only P8,600.00 for 2 nights. The building was right beside Pico Sands Hotel actually. Upon entering, there’s a mini kitchen. We were able to make use of the kitchen twice when I cooked dinner the first night and lunch the day after.



There were plates, spoon and fork and pans available. I did use the appliances as well as their pans, but the OC in me brought our own plates and spoon and fork to use. Also brought our own sponge and dishwashing liquid.



This is the hallway going straight to the rest of the unit.


This is the main unit. It was actually pretty spacious and there was a good space for us to move around.



There were several sleeping areas other than the bed so I think 4 people can stay here comfortably.


I converted this sofa to a sofa bed for Robyn. This is where she slept.



We just used this other sofa bed for our things. Haha!




This was the bathroom. It was clean and simple; but no toiletries were provided, so we had to bring our own.


Also experienced some issues with the water supply. The warm water was not consistent, but I think this is because the other units may be using the water at the same time. No big deal if you’re not afraid of cold water, which I am.


There was also a small balcony with table and chairs but we didn’t stay here because we were afraid of mosquitoes. Hehe! We did hang some of our swimwears to dry.


Overall, the unit was very good. It was clean, spacious and there was cable tv and it was right smack in the middle of the resort. It was right beside the hotel and walking distance from the clubhouse. Honestly the only downside for me was that there was no wifi in the unit. I didn’t realize this until after I paid for the place. I simply assumed that there was wifi and when I asked, they said no. It was no biggie, I just brought some toys for us to play and it was also a good opportunity for us to bond as a family.


Here’s my vlog if you want to see what we did. I’ll also blog about it too and share more photos next time. ๐Ÿ™‚