Edsa Shangrila Heat's Mad For Lobster

Eating is one of our family’s most favorite things to do. And one thing that my husband has been craving for since last year is lobsters. We like eating buffet and enjoy dining at different hotels and I remember Crowne Plaza’s Seven Corners (not anymore) and New World Hotel’s Cafe 1771 (not sure if they still do) were the hotel buffets we were able to have lobsters at. And that sparked our love for lobsters.


When I learned that Edsa Shangrila’s Heat offers unlimited lobsters every Friday, I booked right away and brought the fam there.


The “Mad for Lobster” event is only on Friday nights so I make sure to make a reservation.



As we walk in, Robyn immediately saw this photo booth and begged me to take her photos. Haha!



And for the main event, the lobster buffet is right smack in the middle of the restaurant. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the delicious and juicy looking lobsters.




There were bibs on the table and you may also ask for gloves to enjoy tearing up the shells of the lobsters and enjoy eating them!



The restaurant was decorated with lobster themed posters, nets and the like.


We initially scoped the room, checked out all of the food first. Actually, even if it’s a lobster buffet, the usual spread of Heat is still there so you can still enjoy other dishes than lobster.



But hey, it wasn’t called Mad for Lobster for no reason. There were different lobster infused dishes and you may also opt to have your lobsters cooked in a way you want it.



I usually love mine with lemon butter. 🙂 I can eat tons of this!


Hubby likes his fresh and just steamed. He said it’s less “nakakasawa” because there’s no butter or oil.


Another favorite is baked. This one is baked with bechamel sauce on top. I loved this as well!!!


As I’ve said there are other dishes apart from lobsters. Heat restaurant offers international buffet complete from your appetizers down to dessert.


This little girl obviously couldn’t wait for dessert!


And yes, even for dessert, they still injected the lobster element. I was actually very intrigued by the Lobster Ice Cream but was already too full to even try. Haha!


I was so happy that I found about their Mad for Lobster night. I’m actually allergic to shrimps and crabs but I’m happy to report that I didn’t get any allergic reactions to the lobsters. Yey for me! 😀


The time that we went to dine, Edsa Shangrila still had some of the Christmas decor.


We were lucky that they still had their “snow machine”.


Robyn loved it a lot that she’s now asking me when we have snow in the Philippines. Umm, no my darling, we don’t get snow here. 🙁


I asked if Shangrila has a membership that offers discounts for dining and accommodation because we really enjoy the Lobster night!!! However. I learned that they only have The Golden Circle which was their new membership wherein you can earn Golden Circle Award Points (GC Award Points). You may use the points to pay for your meals or accomodation.



To summarize, I looooveeee Mad for Lobster. As my hubby says “I LOB LOBSTER.” 😀 Haha! But seriously, you are getting your money’s worth because lobsters are hefty expensive and during Mad for Lobster, you can actually eat your heart out and even enjoy other dishes on the side. So if you love seafood or just want a new dining experience, try Heat’s Mad for Lobster every Friday night, and thank me later. 🙂