NapakaNinna Surprise Party!

Last May 20, we surprised my cousin with a post-birthday party. Her birthday is in April so it was really a surprise! It was her 18th birthday. Here in the Philippines, turning 18 is a pretty big deal. It's when you officially become an adult.

Because my cousin Ninna, has been so busy with school, my aunt decided to invite her friends and family for a get together. I was actually amazed that she was able to keep it to herself and Ninna was actually surprised and had no clue about the party!

I was supposed to do a behind the scenes video but it didn't end up that way because I was running back and forth helping out with the party.

My other aunt, Titams led the design team which composed of my 3 sisters. They transformed the place to a rustic place perfect for our budding debutante.

When Ninna walked in, she was totally surprised. She said (after the party) that she was scared to go inside because all the lights were turned off and it was quite dark. Haha!

I love the cake! My aunt, Ninna's mom, saw this cake design and had it copied. It looked really cute and it was so tasty! We ended up eating it back at the hotel after the party. Nagutom kami sa pagod. Haha!

My sister Dane led the prayer before we started the program.

My sister Lianne, who's also Ninna's condo-mate, sang. She was our entertainment for the night. 

I, on the other hand, did my cousin's makeup and I also hosted the party! 

When I was doing Ninna's makeup, she was getting irritated because she felt that her makeup was too much. She just didn't know but of course I wanted her to stand out since it was her party.

It's so strange how I still remember my own debut when I turned 18. She and Lianne performed during my party. Yeah, they were still babies then. Napaghahalataan ang edad ni ate.

I was also happy to see Ninna's friends. My aunt invited some of her friends from high school and college. She said that Ninna hasn't seen most of her high school friends because of school work in college, so it was a nice place and time for them to get together once again.

At the end of the event was the cutting of the cake and taking more photos!

This was the DIY photo wall that my aunt and sisters made for the party. It's so nice! :D

My husband also helped out by taking care of Robyn while I did my thing. He took Robyn for a swim while I did Ninna's makeup and he looked after Robyn while I hosted. Life of Yayaless Parents!

And of course, a picture of the family:

It was a pretty tiring day but I'm so glad she appreciated it. Props to my Tita Dada for keeping everything under wraps. And thank you for the trust! 

*all photos are from my Aunt and the photographer

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