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The newest campaigns of Johnson's has really tickled my interest. As a new mom, everything is new and there are so many firsts. So there are a lot of woes and nervousness everytime we see our kids. Johnson's has answered some of our concerns especially about rough play through their Dadventures Camp and Active Kids Playcation campaigns.

I was able to bring my husband and my daughter to Johnson's Dadventures Camp headlined by the Dantes family. The Johnson’s #Dadventures Camp was an indoor spectacle complete with wooden camp accents, colorful teepees, and a picnic area where guests gathered to know more about what Dadventures are and how parents can keep their little one’s skin strong and healthy at all times—so they’re always ready for rough play!

I really liked the campaign because it helps put moms' minds at ease and reminds us that "pwede" mag-Dadventures even though it means rough play.

Bettinna and Clinton Carlos hosted the event and because Bettina is a mom as well, she knows well enough about the worries all moms have when they let the dads take over playtime with their kids. “As a single mom, I was really overprotective of Gummy when she was a toddler,” Bettinna shared. “Luckily, my brothers Clinton and Alison were always there to keep the mood fun and play the happy-go-lucky father role to Gummy.” 

Professor Perlita De Leon, an expert in Developmental Psychology from UP Diliman said “Many local and international studies highly encourage rough play because it plays a vital role in a child’s physical, social, and cognitive development.” She cited a statistic, lifted from a global survey, that said that ‘40% of dads are told “NO” by their partners when they start engaging their toddler in rough play’. 

Dr. Loverna Arcilla Suratos, MD, FPDS emphasized that it is important for toddlers to have strong and healthy skin. “The skin is your first layer of defense against environmental irritants. Young skin – even up to age 7 – is still developing. In fact, a child’s skin is 30% thinner than an adult’s and therefore still weak and prone to irritation, scrapes, and scratches. By keeping your little one’s skin nourished, you can help it become stronger, more elastic, and more resilient to scrapes and scratches,” Dr. Suratos shared. 

She said that traditional soaps can further weaken skin. Switching to milder and gentler liquid washes and lotions is recommended. Oats, for example, contain avenamethrides, a naturally-occurring compound that has properties that protect against skin irritation. Products that contain milk and rice are often fortified with vitamins that help keep skin not just soft and smooth, but, more importantly, strong and healthy.

Ria Gatmaitan, Senior Brand Manager of Johnson’s, shared some facts about their products.  

Johnson’s Milk+Rice is fortified with 200% more skin vitamins and Johnson’s Milk+Oats locks in moisture for up to 24 hours so that skin feels strong and healthy after just one use. She ended her talk by encouraging moms to be fearless when it comes to allowing rough play and to say “PWEDE!” to #Dadventures.

The Dantes family (Dingdong, Marian and Zia) are the endorsers of Johnson's and it's also their first endorsement as a family. 

Marian said “JOHNSON’S® baby talaga ako ever since! I use it on myself and on Zia kasi tried-and-tested brand na talaga siya at palaging may bago.”

 Zia's soooo cute!

They went to the stations to try the activities but before doing so, they made sure to apply Johnson's products first. 

Dingdong said that he truly supports Dadventures because will make Zia more sociable and bonded with him, just like how he and his dad were.  And it looked like Zia had tons of fun too! 

Asked how Marian felt while Dingdong and Zia were playing, she said, “Sa totoo lang, I’m the stricter parent and hindi talaga ako masyado pumapayag sa rough play noon. But knowing Zia’s skin is protected with Johnson’s, aba, pwedeng-pwede na talaga mag-Dadventures ang mag-ama ko. Dati kala ko mild lang or nakaka-ganda lang ang Johnson’s Milk, ‘yon pala nakakapagpatibay din siya ng skin.” 

If you look at it objectively, it's true that exposure to new environments and the opportunity for play actually boosts self-confidence. I've seen it in Robyn. I've seen how she has become more independent and confident because she knows she can do things and can do things well.

Rough play, also helps develop fine and gross motor skills. Other than the physical aspect, thgough the use of tools that encourage a bit of problem solving, cognitive functions are nurtured. 

Making sure that Robyn is protected and healthy is always my main goal so it's good to know that products that she is currently using (Ro uses Johnson’s Milk+Oats lotion and body wash) are actually helping me achieve that.

Another campaign of Johnson's is the Johnson’s Active Kids Playcation, which encourages parents to spend more time with their kids through active playtime. Just like Dadventures, more playtime has been proven to contribute to the overall development of kids as they become more resilient, socially intelligent, confident, and physically strong.

Johnson’s places a focus on active play to ignite their imagination, develop their social skills and process emotions, and become more resilient and confident because of the strong bond they develop with their parents during playtime. 

As an avenue for more imaginative play, Johnson’s has built an Active Kids Playcation playground equipped to further imaginative and active play among kids. 

Some of the stations were:
  1. Imagine & Seek where children use their imagination and thinking skills to replicate an image using just rubber mats
  2. Fireball Away challenges a child’s balance, agility, and cognitive skills by dodging “fireballs” to get to the other end of the platform without falling
  3. Dragon Maze fuels a child’s sense of motivation to win by collecting all hidden items within a specific amount of time
  4. Little Builder’s City encourages the use of imagination and creativity by allowing children to design and build their own fortresses.

“It is important that we create safe spaces that will encourage children to play and use their imagination. By ensuring that they have this opportunity, experiencing the optimum benefits of play is just at their arm’s reach,” shared Michael Santiago of Philippine Toy Library, a non-profit organization that transforms idle spaces in communities into fun and educational play areas for the benefit of children who they consider as the reason why they exist. 

And because we don't want our kids to smell bad and feel sticky or eeky, moreoever, we want to make playtime more enjoyable and worry-free, there are products such as Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh and Shiny Drops products. 

Keep your kids smelling fresh despite sweat and odor with the Johnson’s Active Fresh Shampoo and Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Bath. Meanwhile, girls can keep their hair shiny as ever despite playing under the sun with the Johnson’s Baby Shiny Drops Shampoo andConditioner which I blogged about and reviewed here.

Robyn has shown me how creative and imaginative she is when I let her play. I try to give her toys that will keep her mind moving so that even if she's not in school, she still continues to learn and create.

I gave her these blocks and some clay. I thought that she was going to build the blocks and make castles but when she found her little duck, she instantly thought of flattening the clay I gave her and making a little pond for her duck. I personally would have never thought of that. Best of all, she proudly presented it to me and she was so happy and excited.

There’s no doubt about the benefits imaginative play can give to a child’s optimum development. That’s why parents play an important part during this phase in their child’s growth. The parents’ role highly affects how the child perceives play so it’s crucial for them to provide children with the necessary props to aid in their imaginative play, plus it’s a great bonding experience!

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