Real Techniques Core Collection

I have been raving about some of my Real Techniques brushes for about a year now since I got my hands on my Real Techniques Core Collection. You would be surprised that it was just last year when I finally got to try Real Techniques. If you didn't know, Real Techniques is a brush line designed by Samantha and Nicola Chapman, makeup artists and Youtubers. You may know them from Youtube as Pixiwoo

As I said, my very first Real Techniques brushes are from the Core Collection. I decided on getting this because I felt that this was the most basic set and the powder brush looked so fluffy. ;) It's also one of the most raved about and famous sets from the line.

The Core Collection is composed of four brushes designed to give a flawless base and look pixel perfect even in harsh light. 

It comes with a Panoramic case which is actually a carrier and stand in one. 

It basically keeps brushes organized on the table and is also travel friendly as it closes and even has a handle. 

This is what it looks like when used as a stand. As you can see, it also has extra slots to house a few more makeup brushes.

What makes the Real Techniques brushes special is that the bristles are made of synthetic taklon and 100% cruelty free. The brushes glides so smoothly and they feel so soft on the skin. It seriously blends the products like a dream. The ferrule is made from aluminum that's why it's very light weight. The bottom of the brush is rubberized which is also quite unique and gives the handle a slip-free feeling. 

Let's talk about each of the brushes:

Buffing Brush

I learned that the Real Techniques Buffing Brush is one of the most famous brushes of the brand. This brush has a round base with the fluffy top and is great for buffing almost anything from powder, liquid to cream. It blends out everything evenly.  It's dense and packed well that's why buffing becomes really easy. I have only used it for foundation and powder. But they say you can also use this for contour and blush.

Contour Brush

My favorite favorite brush from the set! It comes with a round base and a tapered top. It's fluffy and soffffttt. The best thing is it fits perfectly on the hollows of my cheeks. I always use this to contour with, bronze with and sometimes I use it for highlight as well. I have only used it for powder products but I'm assuming you can use it for cream too. You can also apply the blush precisely on the apple of the cheeks or when you simply want a flush of color. I have been reaching this ever since and love it to death! 

Pointed Foundation Brush

The brush has a pointy head with a flat base. I know this is a foundation brush and it's supposed to be used for foundation but I find this to be too small for my face! I actually like using this as a concealer brush because it can cover more space than a usual concealer brush. The brush is soft yet it's firm when used. There's also an angled tip which helps give precise application and is great for applying cream contour and highlighting products. Another option is to use it to apply apply powder for baking. 

Detailer Brush

This is a small, rounded and flat brush that may be used for concealer or as a lip/eye liner brush. It is a great multi-purpose brush. I would say that this is a miniature version of the pointed foundation brush. I personally like using this for my blemishes and also to help clean up my lips when I wear red lipstick because this really works best for fixing and concealing precise areas. 

Overall, this brush set is a gem! The bristles are so soft and blends everything really well and they are sturdy and cruelty free! I would recommend this kit especially for beginners or for those who really focus on their base makeup. You can really maximize your makeup with very good quality brushes such as this! I love this set so much that I get quite sad when I need to wash them because that would mean I won't be able to use it. Yup, that's how much I love it. I'm pretty much obsessed! :D

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