Mamou for Special Occasions Like Fathers Day

It’s June and the month is quite special for me. It’s actually the month my husband and I became a couple officially. 15 years ago, we became boyfriend/girlfriend. That sounded real funny, but you get the point. 🙂 Anyway, other than that, Father’s Day is coming up. So some of you may already be looking for restaurants where you can celebrate the day. One restaurant I would recommend is Mamou.


The first Mamou restaurant I have visited was in Serendra, BGC. I remember loving it there and how delicious the food was. We haven’t had a chance to go back so when we celebrated our wedding anniversary last October, I decided to take my husband there and try their famous steak. This time though, we went to the Mamou Too! branch in Rockwell.



I have read so many great reviews and everybody kept raving about their steak. My husband and I both love steak and since we have been trying different kinds and types of steak, I thought why not try Mamou’s version.



I always always appreciate date days with my husband. We rarely get to do it because we don’t have a nanny for Robyn and she always tags along. So I truly treasure these moments. And thanks to my family for always taking care of Robyn when I’m away.


Since we don’t normally get to do this, we went all out. Plus it was our anniversary!



Ready for this?

 Roast Pork & Chicken Half Order P365

Mamou’s citrus rubbed pork and chicken, buttered onions, white/red Cuban rice, cinnamon saba, black beans


We ordered a little bit of everything so we chose this pork and chicken dish. I liked the sauce and that the pork was tender. If I ever go to Mamou without wanting to order their steak, this will definitely be my order.


 Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak Single P1950 Twin P3490


 Star of the Night


Look at that oil!!!! Sira ang diet, but it was seriously so worth it. I loved the steak. It’s so tender and the flavor was the bomb. Definitely one of the most delicious steaks I have ever eaten. I also like the charred parts, those are my favorite. I swear, if you ever get a chance, go for it!


 Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream P395

Spagettini, truffle flavored cream, Grana Padano cheese


From my research, the steak is best paired with Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream. Maybe it’s just me, I’m just not fond of cream, I feel like it’s nakakaumay. I think this is more of a preference. But I prefer my steak with some potatoes or rice.


 Steak Rice P95


We decided to try the steak rice because we initially thought it would be a great partner for the steak. But according to my husband, plain steamed rice would have been better. It was too much flavor, he said, paired with the steak. Imagine white rice and the steak dripping… makes you hungry right?



We ended up taking home some of the leftovers, which I didn’t mind. We enjoyed eating at Mamou simply because it feels very comfortable there. It’s not a high-end, find dining ambiance, but it’s definitely no casual dining too. It’s very family friendly so you’ll see big groups in the crowd and as a mom, I know that I won’t have a problem bringing Robyn anytime here. Plus the food is amazing! I know the price tag is a little steep but for special occasions, it’s definitely worth it.


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