Its Robyn Here! Unbox and Play the Crocodile Dentist

To celebrate Robyn's first unboxing video which I posted a year ago, here's another Unbox & Play episode. Robyn unboxes a gift from her Papa, the Crocodile Dentist. I remember him telling me excitedly that he bought a gift for Ro. See, she loves watching toy videos. She enjoys watching unboxing videos and she's seen quite a handful of these new and "exciting" toys for kids. She doesn't normally asks us to buy her things. I guess we've trained her well, plus, I always tell her that we need to work hard to save money. I think it's a good thing to train them while they're young so they understand and know the value of money.

Also, I've created a new playlist for her videos on my channel as it seems like she enjoys making videos! :) For more "It's Robyn Here!" videos, watch this playlist:

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