Floral Arrangement with Sample Room

This summer, the Sample Room roommates got together for a mini get together over tea at the Manila Polo Club. During the event, we got to know more about the plans of Sample Room this year and learn about flower or floral arrangement. Each of us got to bring home a bouquet made by ourselves.

Want to take a peek?

Sophie briefly talked about the program. She mentioned that there's a lot of plans for the year 2017 and everybody should be excited! :) 

Some of Sample Room's partner brands were also present that day.

Spot your favorite products!

What is a tea party without Basilur Tea?

I wanted to keep my makeup fresh and dainty!

Get all beauty bloggers together and you'll end up with lots and lots of flatlays!

Another major activity that day was the Floral Arrangement segment.

We were asked to make our own floral arrangement but eventually ended up asking assistance to make it look more presentable.

Here's what mine looked like. It's the cascading style because according to Kuya, it actually costs more. I was pretty surprised.

I actually was the one who picked out the flowers. I wanted a combination of pinks, a pop of yellow and some neutral shades for that dainty bouquet.

Since Manila Polo Club was so picturesque and the Sample Room team went all out with the decor. It's a no brainer that we took advantage of the props and took lots of photos.

Here are a few snaps with my Sample Roommates!

Dress and Belt: SM Woman
Shoes: Payless
Hat: Sample Room

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