Full Review: Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D Contouring Palette

There's so many different brow products nowadays. If you look at one brand, they usually carry different kinds depending on what suits your preference. Today, I wanted to talk about the first kind of eyebrow product I worked with, powder. And I did a First Impression review on the Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D Contouring Palette.

First Impression:

When I first tried the Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D Contouring Palette, I felt a little scared because of how dark my brows looked and how it looked reddish against my black hair. However after doing my makeup, it blended well. It only looked intimidating initially because I had pale skin then.

I was pretty impressed that it was able to stay put and not fade given all of the activities I did that day. Usually when I sweat and I accidentally rub or touch my brows, some fading occur, but there was none of that when I used the Maybelline Fashion Brow.

Full Review:

I have used the palette several times and everytime I used it, it gave me strong, full brows, nothing wrong with that. I would usually pair my strong brows c/o the Fashion Brow with long flirty lashes or some full eye makeup. Unfortunately, I didn't like the nose contour product of the palette. It was too light for me personally. It didn't do much with my skin tone and given that I'm NC25-30, I feel like women darker than me will definitely find it useless. What I did though was use it to contour my crease. 

I didn't use the palette for a long time because I felt that the shade was too red for my liking. When I had black hair, I would usually prefer a soft black or greyish brown tint of eyebrow product. And now that I have colored my hair, it still doesn't fit the shade. I would suggest this dark brown shade to those with dark brown hair or maybe to those who colored the hair with a warmer or reddish tone.

Longevity wise, I like it. The wax really helps keep the brows in place and the powder sets the wax and makes it long wearing. 

I personally prefer the other eyebrow products of Maybelline such as the Fashion Brow Duo Shaper. Do let me know if you'd want a review on that too. :)

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