Birthday Staycation at Conrad Hotel Manila

Today, I'm so excited to share this post. This was our family's lovely staycation for my Dad's Birthday. Before moving forward, let me warn you that this is post heavy as I share photos of the suite and also the Pyrolympics that day. :)

My family decided to spend my dad's birthday at Conrad Hotel Manila. They rented a 2 bedroom suite to accomodate us all. This was definitely the best and most beautiful hotel room I have been in! Let me share with you some photos of the room and get ready because your jaw will drop!

This was our room:

And our bath:

This was the gigantic closet space:

A different view from the room:

This was our living area:

This was my parents' room:

They had a long couch on the side:

Dual sinks in their Bath:

This was amazing! There's a TV on the mirror!

Their closet space:

It was my dad's birthday so they sent over a little treat.

Here are the folks:

My family has always loved hotel staycations. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this time and time again. And one of my dad's favorites is watching fireworks. So they chose the perfect room to watch the Pyrolympics.

Since my parents were having their photo shoot, we also had ours:

Make use of the natural lighting and the background!

This was our view. Perfect view for the fireworks that night.

Aura kung aura!

After everything, we decided we needed to take a family photo. Haha! Here's one:

Since we stayed in a VIP suite, we were able to eat at the lounge and have some afternoon tea. My mom said they had lunch there as well.

Night came and it was time to get ready for the fireworks.

That's The Eye, I believe that's what it's called. It's the Ferris Wheel near MOA. That's our view. It's breath taking. Plus we have the beautiful sea in the morning.

While waiting for the competition to start, we ordered some food as my parents haven't eaten yet. Food was so-so; nothing special.

Then the Pyrolympics begin. I took a few photos along with the videos on my vlog.

Look at these amazing shots:

The suite was amazeballs and the lighting was life! :D

So what to do but take more selfies and have a mini pictorial.

Thank you Li for the photos! :D

It was definitely one of the best staycations with the family. Not only did we enjoy the fireworks, but we had fun celebrating my dad's birthday. It's been a long time since my family has had some quality and quantity time together.

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