Superstar Virgo Cruise Day 1: Boarding the Ship

My sisters stayed with us for a couple of days at home so I was able to have some time to edit videos. And I decided to edit my Cruise vlogs first. As some of you may know, if you follow me on social media, my family went on a cruise via Star Cruise Superstar Virgo last March. We sailed from Manila-Laoag-Taiwan-Hong Kong-Manila.


I’ll do separate posts per cruise day and I’ll include my vlog that day 🙂


Here are some photos that day:


We got the Inside Stateroom which is the most basic room. It can fit 3-4 people. I asked the 2 single beds to be pulled together because I don’t sleep well without my hubby beside me. I’m clingy like that. 😉


There’s a TV but the channels weren’t any good.

You also have to take note that there is no free internet. Well actually you can ask for a 1 hour complimentary internet but after that, you have to pay if you want internet. I’m not sure if wifi routers or pocket wifis work as well if you are planning to rent one, since you will be sailing and I’m not sure if the signal is 100% dependable.


Toilet and bath was a little small but it wasn’t bad at all.



Upon entering, there was a little cocktail party in the lobby.


It was about dinner time when we boarded the ship so we checked out the menus right away. They have different menus per restaurant per time, which means there are different menu for all 6 meals- breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Yep, 6 meals a day. However, take note that you won’t really be enjoying this every day since you will be going out on tours or shore excursions when you reach the different cities. We would usually avail of breakfast and dinner only, except for the last day when we stayed onboard the entire day.


We decided on Chinese food that evening:





We also checked out the amenities of the ship while we wait for that night’s show.


There was a pool, 4 jacuzzis and a giant pool slide.



They also have a gaming room full of video games which you need to rent. You can borrow board games though. Don’t expect too much from their kids’ corner. It’s mainly just a room with very little toys. Unless you let your kid join the Junior Cruiser’s program (additional payment) or take part of the activities, the kids’ corner is pretty much of no use.


I wanted to check out the library. Feeling-Belle ng Beauty and the Beast.


And finally, the highlight of the evening, and the entire cruise if I may say, the shows!


That night was full of music and dancing. I am a dancer so I obviously enjoyed every minute of it!



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