Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money

Highlight on point is what's "in" nowadays. I'm actually one of those who really just started highlighting to the nines just recently. One of my go-tos is Colourpop Super Shock Cheek  Highlighter in Lunch Money.

I purchased this along with some other Colourpop lippies and I was so excited to get my hands on it as this was my very first Colourpop orders and my very first cream highlighter.

The product is actually cream to powder. It goes on soft and creamy and upon blending, it starts to feel like powder on the skin. The texture is similar to their eyeshadow, it's soft, creamy and feels like cushion.

 The box is adorbs. It had this warning to "keep the magic in close; close jar tightly after use."

Here is the swatch:

The shade is light hold that I feel is very flattering for Asian skintones. As compared to my other highlighters, this looks the most natural on me. 

It's just the perfect everyday highlight. It gives a subtle glow to the cheeks without that "highlighted to the nines" look.

This is what it looks on me. You wouldn't be able to tell my highlight because of how it melts naturally on the skin.

Highlight on the nose line too:

I love this highlighter for everyday, normal days. It's so affordable, however, you can only purchase this online. Pigmentation is really good and I also enjoy applying it because of how soft and smooth it feels. So excited to try more highlighters from Colourpop! :D

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