24 Karat Color Riche Gold Obsession

Straight from the runways of Paris Fashion Week, L'Oreal Makeup Designer/Paris brought their opulent collection of lipsticks, the Color Riche Gold Obsession to the Philippines. 

What's so special about this line? The lipsticks are infused with real 24 karat gold! They come in four sophisticated shades that give a metallic sheen and subtle dimension on the lips.

The lipsticks are gorgeous as is and most of them are really wearable shades. L'Oreal has come up with beautiful shades that truly complement Filipinas!

 Rose Pink, Le Gold, Rouge Gold and Mocha Brown

Let's dive in to each of the shades for swatches:

 Le Gold

You may opt to wear it alone and pull off a bold look or use it as a topper or highlighter that creates a beautiful dimension and metallic feel to any lip color. 

I personally prefer this as a highlighter as it is not as pigmented as the other shades. It has fine chunks of glitters that don't sit well on my lips if used alone.

 Rose Pink

The cool pink shade with hint of gold brightens the face. I really like this color because even though it's cool toned, it's still very wearable and gives a subtle pop to the look.

 Rose Gold + Le Gold

If you're ready for a more fun look, I highly suggest this combo. As you can tell, it's still wearable but it can definitely bring you from day to night.

 Rouge Gold

If you are looking for a classic red color, this is definitely the shade for you. It's a beautiful true red shade that even makes the teeth appear whiter.

 Rouge Gold + Le Gold

Well now, to amp up the look, use Le Gold as highlighter and bring all the attention to the lips. This is definitely a stunner!

 Mocha Gold

Mocha Gold is a deeper brownish red shade perfect for that vampy look. As is, it is already beautiful and bold.

 Mocha Gold + Le Gold

My most favorite lip combo is Mocha Gold and Le Gold. There's something about this combo that makes the look so regal. It's the perfect night out look and it truly looks so sophisticated.

This retails for only P400.00. All of the shades are so gorgeous, I cannot pick just one. :) Try it out and be bold too. Experience 24 karat gold on your lips with this Color Riche Gold Obsession line.

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