First Time Coloring my Hair using Liese Bubble

Coloring my hair is something I’ve always wanted to try but was always scared to do it. I honestly am scared of ruining and damaging my hair. I’ve had a bad experience back when I was in elementary and never really got over it. However, when I discovered Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color and saw how easy it was to do and how it doesn’t fry the hair, I decided to go and finally do it!


Choosing the hair color for me was also challenging simply because I have black, virgin hair and I knew that the color may not appear as much because the canvas is very black. So I chose Milk Tea Brown which is one of the lightest colors from the brand to use. I figured the color should somehow peak through.

Liese Creamy BHC sets itself apart with its unique formula that leaves long-lasting effects through a hassle-free process. With its advanced foam technology, Liese offers Filipinas an easier alternative that still results in even and vibrant colored hair in just three easy steps: (1) Mix the formula in the bottle with the foamer cap, (2) Massage the solution into the hair, and (3) Rinse the solution off after 30 minutes.


Here is the video.

I decided to document the entire process and even catch my initial reaction when I saw the final result.



What Milk Tea Brown looks like on virgin hair:

I was so surprised that my hair felt so smooth and it looked so shiny. I guess I had low expectations simply because it was indeed my first time. But I really like that it looks like the product still took care of my hair and didn’t damage it.

Here are some photos using natural light:

The only thing and probably my biggest mistake was I focused the color more on the top and my roots and didn’t spread it thoroughly throughout my hair going to the tips. So you’d notice that my tips are darker and blacker than the top of my head.

Overall it was so easy to do and very newbie friendly. I think just keep my tips and tricks in mind.

1. Protect your skin by using petroleum jelly on the sides of the face, ears and nape.

2. Be sure to spread the product evenly until the tips and not to be heavy handed on the top of the head.


Do I recommend this product? Yes I do. I even gave a box to my younger sister who has never colored her hair but wants to. 🙂

Liese Creamy BHC offers six color variants, namely Rose Tea Brown; Raspberry Brown; Chestnut Brown; Milk Tea Brown; Milky Beige; and Marshmallow Brown.



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