Meeting ItsJudyTime and the Baby Bears!

One of the most exciting things that happened is the Meet and Greet of none other than, ItsJudyTime. Seriously, I have been waiting for this since the last time I saw them 6 years ago. I haven’t met the kids yet so I was also excited about that.


A lot has changed since then, both Judy and I have become mothers. Our daughters are close in age too. Robyn is turning 4 this month. I still remember her telling us that she and Benji were already open to having a kid then but were just waiting for the right time.

6 years later, they’ve been blessed with 3 cute girls!

And now, family has become the most important part of both our lives. It was so cute when the kids began performing onstage. You can really tell how comfortable they are and how their parents are so proud of them.

There were some winners who were lucky to have photos taken with the entire fambam.

The first part was just a discussion on Judy’s newest babies- her palettes with Pixi by Petra. It has been a few years since her first palette and now, she collaborated with the prestigious brand, Pixi. I was so excited when I learned about the palettes because they are gorgeous. Really gorgeous! And they’re perfect for girls such as myself, on-the-go, everyday shades!

Lia said that it’s a dream come true to have Judy work with Pixi because she embodies the same values that Pixi holds, Beauty, Family and Love.

 It’s Lip Time and It’s Eye Time

 It’s Lip Time and It’s Eye Time


Benji, sweet and supportive as always, made sure to let Judy know how proud he is of Judy.

Seriously, this man though. All the ladies in the audience gushed and got so kilig when he talks about his wife.

Tita Nini was also called onstage and she was so hilarious! She was saying that she is really proud of Judy but wanted her to pursue Psychology. Haha! Typical Filipino mom, right? She was so cute!

You could see how happy Tita Nini is of Judy’s achievements and how much she loves her grandkids.

Then it was time for the actual meet and greet. We were given a chance to go up the stage and have our photos taken with Judy. Little did I know that I will get such a good news!

Judy remembered me! Yes, imagine my shock! After 6 years, she still remembers me. Aaaaakkkk! Let’s let that sink in for a sec. I was so surprised, kilig and just extremely happy.

 I admire you, Judy.


As always, Judy was so generous to all of her fans. Imagine the meet and greet was from 1-5pm and she smiled and posed for all the photos. While the meet and greet was ongoing, some of my Youtuber friends and I decided to grab some snacks.

Then it was time for the after party! It was a more intimate setup this time, with just a number of guests.

There were several bloggers at the after party. It was difficult to take photos and videos because we were so busy talking with the Travises and the gang.

Judy was kind enough to sign our palettes. Here’s Julia with hers.

When it was my turn, I couldn’t help but giggle. I even said that I felt like I won Miss Universe because I saw her. Haha!

I only have 1 of the palettes because I was asked to choose 1, but I’m hoping to get the lip palette next time.

I know this photo is blurry, but since it’s a rare chance, ipost mo narin ate!

Here’s Shen after the autograph.

The girls came too! We didn’t think they’ll come but they did and we were so all over the kids. Haha! How I wish Robyn was there to see the girls. She watches the vlogs and know the baby bears too.

Julianna and Robyn are the same age. I really wish they’ll be given a chance to play and bond next time. 🙂

It was a little harder to get photos with the twins but when the fries came…

“Fries to the rescue!”

Here’s my partner that day, Trina!

The day was absolutely surreal. The Travis family truly inspires me and I really admire Judy because she can handles everything with grace and that’s exactly what I want to do too. This day has become one of my most favorite days for sure!


Here are some more photos:

And of course, photos with the beauty bloggers and vloggers:

Dahil inagaw talaga namin ang sofa.

 with Lia of Glamourbox and Pixi Philippines

I have no words. Thank you for being such an inspiration.


Thank you so much to Judy and Benji, the whole family, to Mommy Mundo and the Glamourbox Team!



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