Afternoon Tea with the Girls

Here's another throwback post, as mentioned. This was one of the videos I posted on my Youtube channel last year but haven't posted it here yet. 

This was when I attended the launch of Swag Junior and spend some time with my sister and daughter. I promised Robyn that we'll have our own little tea party so I bring her to TWG at Shangrila Mall. My sister Dane also bought a new shampoo for her hair because her hair is very oily and heavy. Hope you enjoy watching this eventful day! :)

Random Vlog: October 19, 2016

Because my sister doesn't live with us at home, it was a great time for us to bond and spend quality time together.

Yes I know, she's gorgeous.

Of course, beauty runs in the family, just look at this cutie!

Robyn was so excited to experience her first tea party.

And the kalokohan continues:

We ordered Red Chocolate Tea because this was one of the caffeine free teas.

And some snacks to munch on. Everything was delicious.

Thank you Dane for always helping us out! :) Suking suki ka na sa vlogs ko. Hehe!

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