Zenutrients Gift of Wellness + My Favorites!

Tis the season with gifts of wellness. December has been going so fast and in just a few more days, it will be Christmas. I hope you've already finalized your Christmas gift list, but if you haven't, don't worry. You might want to consider giving your loved ones something for their skin and peace of mind.

Zenutrients believes nature does nothing without purpose. It is wonderfully yummy for a reason. We bring nature alive in every product we make, so you feel more alive.

This season, Zenutrients is offering gift sets to give your loved ones. They've got everything covered from head to toe.

If you prefer buying the products individually, you can do that too! Here are some stuff that I got from Sample Room and these are some of my top picks from their collection.

 Hair Care Set: You can never go wrong with shampoo and conditioner. It's a staple duo on our bathing routine and I love that it's infused with Gugo that strengthens the hair strands. I know I'm not the only one who suffer from hair fall so let's take all the help we can get.

Wellness Set: I love the Wellness Set and it's probably my most favorite set. I can see myself giving this to my husband who works nonstop, a friend who goes to the gym or is very active or even to my folks who experience occasional muscle aches.  The eucalyptus and peppermint helps soothe the tired muscles and help one relax after a long day. Love the All is Well Muscle Oil!

As for individual products, I've got 3 must haves and are perfect as stocking stuffer!

Strawberry Lip Butter (P170.00): During these times, my lips tend to crack and get dry, so taking care of my lips and giving it extra TLC is very important. I also love the scent and reminds me of an imported brand, but hey, this one is proudly Pinoy! Yey!

All Around Spahhnitizer (P140.00): It's perfect for people like me who has a baby or a toddler, or even those who just want to keep everything sanitary. I, for one, never leave my house without any kind of sanitizer.  This is a multipurpose product as you can use it for hands & as an all-surface spray. It's also safe for children and for pets. 

Zenutrients Lavender & Eucalyptus Bug Balm (P 290.00) I think I've said it over and over again, my skin is very prone to mosquito bites and so is my daughter. So it's no surprise that another top pick is the Bug Balm. This one is quite special because not only does it repel mosquitoes and flies. It also repels fleas and ticks which is also very useful for us because we have dogs at home. 

I hope this helps you and you get ideas from this list. If you want to get free samples, you may check Sample Room. Last I've checked, there are some available products up for grabs! You may also purchase from any of the branches of Zenutrients.

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