Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit

As I bid farewell to 2016, I bring you one last product review. This product has been in my makeup stash for so long, but just haven't done a full review on it. It is one of my most favorite, if not my ultimate favorite, liquid lipstick. It's none other than Sleek Make Up Matte Me in Birthday Suit. I swear by this!

I've first heard about Sleek from Youtubers from the UK and when I started researching the brand, I learned that one of their best sellers are their Matte Me Lip Creams. Upon checking on the shades, Birthday Suit called my name!

With all the Kylie Jenner fad nowadays, Birthday Suit has definitely proven its greatness! It's a nudish rosy brown shade that is simply perfect for all skintones. It's my favorite MLBB lip cream because it just brings life to my face even when I'm not wearing too much makeup.

  • truly long wearing
  • shade is just gorgeous
  • application is smooth
  • not sticky
  • pigmented, one swipe and the color is so rich
  • indeed matte
  • priced at P450 only
  • read that this is a good dupe for Kylie's lipkits
  • comfortable wear

  • the color changes when it dries. (See the photo above and below. Above photo: freshly applied and below: dried)
  • shade may be uneven if reapplication is done.
  • because it is matte, it can accentuate lip lines especially when used for a long time

Because the color changes when it dries, it's important to apply fast. I've experienced having to reapply on certain areas of my lips and because the other parts were already dry (first application(, the lip shade became uneven. The parts where I applied the lip cream first became darker than the newly applied areas. So perfect it in one go or remove the entire thing before going in with fresh application.

Overall, this is a staple in my vanity. It's a no fail lip color for me. I love it! It's also comfortable on the lips and best of all, it's long wearing which is what I look for in a lippy! I like that even if I eat (as long as it's not oily), my lip color stays in place. :) For the price, i's such a great find! I'm already checking out the other shades of Matte Me! Like what I said, it's a no fail product! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Sleek Makeup

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