YELLOWMUM: Cool Kids Wear Swag Junior!

After becoming a mom, I have become a mommy shopper. Yes, I love shopping for my daughter, whether it be clothes, accessories, shoes. You name it, I love it! :)

Robyn is such a great model too. She likes dressing up, whether it be a girly dress, a tutu or even rugged and sporty also. She would go with me when I start browsing through her clothes and she'd pick out what she wants to wear. I still have final approval (at least for now), but she picks out what she likes and it's not bad, not bad at all. So when I was introduced to Swag Junior, I thought hey, why not explore the "swag" style or street style. 

This new generation of kids know what they want and they have their own style. Swag Junior empowers kids to be more confident by giving them the freedom to express themselves through outfits with an attitude. 

Swag Junior is a fashion street wear brand for the coolest kids in town. Designed to be a contemporary yet comfortable alternative to typical children’s fashion, Swag Junior's collections are inspired by one of the world’s most distinct fashion meccas, Japan. Fashion savvy moms have reason to celebrate, because Swag Junior has brought their one-of-a-kind aesthetic to Manila. 

I remember, when we recieved the invitation to the launch, my sister was with us. And as we read the invitation and look at Robyn's clothes, both my sister and I got so excited looking at all her clothes to see which fits this style best!

If you’re looking for fun, cutting-edge, and trending styles, then without a doubt, Swag Junior was made for you. Think bomber jackets, graphic tees, jumpers, ripped denim, and more—Swag Junior's pieces are sure to make every kid’s outfit on point. With Swag Junior, moms and kids can count on both quality and comfort, because each piece is tailored using top of the line machines and the best fabrics. Kids will be kids after all, and there’s no denying that Swag Junior’s apparel are made or kids who strive to be on the go without foregoing their personal style.

The mini fashion show during the launch hyped Robyn up, I gotta say. So after the event, she was so confident and asked me to take photos of her and her newfound COOL attitude! See for yourself. ;)

We also tried out this boy's jacket which matched Robyn's outfit amazingly! See, with this style, there are no norms. The clothes are pretty unisex and parents and kids can just have fun with it.

I was so excited to see Robyn come out of her shell. She actually help me pick clothes that she liked. And even chose some buttons and patches to put on her jacket. Uggghhhh, seriously, are there any adult sizes please? ;)

If you're curious and confused as to where to start. Let me give you a little style guide:

Swag Junior Boys (Ages 5 to 12) can be found at the following The SM Store branches: Megamall, San Lazaro, Bicutan, Iloilo, Cebu, Las PiƱas, Harrison, Lucena, and Southmall. Swag Junior Girls (Ages 5-12) can be found at Bicutan, Iloilo, Lucena, Harrison, Bacolod, Las Pinas, Southmall. And Swag Junior Infants/Toddlers (Ages 1 to 4) can be found at Bacoor, Cebu SRP, Megamall, Makati, North Edsa, Pampanga and Tarlac.

Swag Junior
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