Welcome Home Charmaine!

The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic and it caught me by surprise. So now, I'm trying to catch up on everything else. And just when I was about to start so, Robyn got sick. Her allergies are back and has been coughing nonstop for the past 2-3 days. It's gotten worse yesterday as she kept coughing the entire night that kept me, my husband and herself from sleeping. So please bear with me as I deal with everything on my plate.

To put a smile on my face today amidst the stress I'm in right now, I have decided that I'll post about our Meet and Greet with one of the sweetest and nicest women I've met, Charmaine Dulak.

Benefit Cosmetics hosted the meet and greet and before anything else, they let us get to know Charmaine a little bit better through an intimate lunch.

Had lunch at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. It was my first time to eat here and was quite surprised when I found out that they have meals! And their main courses were quite good too!

Of course, we all couldn't get enough of Charmaine's sweet smile!

I went to Trinoma with Bea. I don't normally go there because it's quite far from where I live but because I was dying to meet her and also hang out with my Benebabes, I got a ride with Bea! If you haven't subscribed to her yet, do it now. Thanks Bey!

 Char 1 and Char 2

Of course, we had to take photos in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. That place was so Instagram friendly! :) 

Then it was off to Benefit Trinoma for Charmaine's Meet and Greet

Here's Tasha, the gorgeous Benebabe who enjoyed the Meet and Greet with us!

I was also able to check out the different eyebrow products of Benefit. Yes ladies, swoon!

During the Meet and Greet, there were games, question and answers, brow workshop and a whole lotta fun!

Here's Charmaine with Celina, National Brow Artist of Benefit PH! She also did my brows before and she's so light handed! ;)

Charmaine enjoyed the games that Benefit prepared for her guests. It was so much fun seeing everybody join the games and also win prizes from Benefit, of course.

I was also able to get my brows done by Celina. Here's what mine looked like after brow mapping and waxing! :)

Before we left, Charmaine gave us some Happy Planners to take home! How sweet is that! The planners were really heavy and imagine she brought all those to the Philippines. Thanks girl! :D

 last vloggers standing

It was surreal to meet her. It's so fun meeting new people and Charmaine is one of the nicest people I have ever met! I love her!!!!! :) Hopefully, we can make a collab for you guys. Yup, Char 1 and Char 2 Collab. Haha!

Charmaine's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/b3bed0llxoxo
Charmaine's vlogging channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUBqjeY6e22vAblrhmlu5VQ

Just in case you haven't seen my vlog yet, watch it here. But don't forget to subscribe as well so you can get first dibs at new videos!

Thank you also to Benefit for hosting the Meet and Greet and inviting us! It's always great meeting other beauty enthusiasts and other people who have the same passion as you. :)

Yup, okay I feel a little better and less stressed now. Hehe!

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