#oliviarobynturns1 Loot Bags & Souvenirs

One thing that I also wanted to share here on my blog is the souvenir and loot bags that we gave out during Robyn’s birthday. 
For the loot bags, initially, I was thinking of personalized items but after canvasing, learned that it would be quite expensive. After discussing with our event stylist, one tip that she gave us was to keep the souvenirs simple. Kids don’t care about the fancy packaging, or how much the loot bag costs. All they really want is something that they like and can play with. 
With that in mind, I went back to my drawing board and decided on keeping it budgeted yet something that the kids will enjoy. I also wanted to incorporate functionality in my loot. I wanted the kids to have something that they can use. 
 Jump Rope, Crayons, Pencil, Ice Cream Eraser Set and Puzzle
The contents were simple, affordable yet cute and themed. 🙂
We went to different toy stores and purchased these stuff. I put jump rope, to keep them active. We all know that kids nowadays have only one activity, swiping their iPads. I added a mini puzzle, something that will keep their mind moving. Pencil and crayons, obviously, something that they’ll use for their paper activity or even in school and this really cute ice cream eraser set. 

As for the packaging, again I had what my stylist advised me in mind so I chose a vintage candy packaging. I really wanted this packaging and have used it in an event when I was in college. I was set on this packaging that we searched so many stores to find it. I really liked how classic it looks. Then I just put our thank you cards with a twistie. 
Since we spent more on the prizes, because we really wanted all the kids to get prizes whether they win or not, the loot bags were kept simple yet useful, exactly what I had in mind.
 Some of the prizes during Robyn’s party
I personally really like our loot bags because everything is useful and I wish all of the kids enjoyed it too!

As for the adults, we decided to get a photo booth. We got the photo booth from my party stylist simply because I didn’t want to talk to so many different vendors and because they already have the design and the layout that I wanted so execution was easy.

I wanted the background to be simple and matchy with the invitation but wanted to hook in some ice cream cones to the background. They just look sooo cute!

No photo booth is complete without props!

People usually love photo booths because they get to keep a photo of themselves, remembrance of that day and be wacky as much as they want! I also like that photos are printed right away so our guests could take home their photos and we also get a softcopy of their photos on our end. 

I cannot believe that Robyn is turning 4 next February and I still remember her 1st birthday like it was yesterday. Oh time flies! 🙂

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