October Bazaar, See you next weekend (Nov 26 & 27)!

Bazaars, how I missed thee. Years ago, I used to join bazaars all the time. For my Entrepreneur course when I was in college, selling our "chocolate pizza", then I moved on to selling what I loved most, makeup. Eventually, I opened a fashion and beauty shop and because I started selling online, I was also a regular bazaarista. When hubby and I started our business, we also joined several bazaars to jumpstart and promote our business. I was pretty much a mainstay and even though, bazaars are tiring, it's still a joy to be able to talk to our customers and interact with different people.

Last October, I joined the Passionfly Bazaar. It was my first after a long hiatus and was quite nervous because it has been ages since I last joined a bazaar. Thankfully, my sister came with me and helped me man our booth. So here's a little peek at what happened last October.

If you missed it, don't fret! I am joining Passionfly Bazaar once again, this coming November 26-27. I mentioned it here. So get excited because cheap thrills await!

Here's the map to Green Sun:

I hope to meet you there! :)

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