Ginger and Green Tea for Ysabel's Daughter

Ginger is on the rise! I say this because for some reason, I’ve been seeing ginger a lot lately- ginger tea, ginger balm, products with ginger and now, Ginger Face and Body Mist. Yup, a face and body mist! It is the newest addition to the face and body mist range of Ysabel’s Daughter.
I attended the launch of the 2 new products of Ysabel’s Daughter which are the Ginger Face and Body Mist and the Green Apple Bar Soap. This was the second event of Ysabel’s Daughter that I attended. Here’s the first one if you missed it. 
Here’s my vlog during that day:

Ginger Face and Body Mist
Ginger has been widely used as a spice for culinary purposes, but its history is rooted with its medicinal associations, such as its belief for burnt skin, as well as being a cleansing agent. Combined with the beneficial effects of honey, this face and body mist aims to provide a refreshing sensation during each use.

Green Apple Bar Soap
Green apple is a specific type of apple also known as “Granny Smith cultivar”. It is thought to be a mixture between two different species, and it bears numerous benefits for the skin, which includes antioxidants and fibers. These help your skin remain elastic and youthful.
 During the event, there were also some testers of their other products. By the way, I love their soaps and the Moringa Body Wash in Peppermint.
It was a very intimate gathering and we were able to learn more about the brand and its history.

During the event, a demonstration/experiment was also done. There were 3 soaps, including Ysabel’s Daughter Green Apple Bar Soap and Christine sampled each of them and shared with us what her experience was. Watch the vlog to find out what she says. 🙂 Hint hint: the Green Apple Bar Soap wins. Hehe!
Micah also shared her testimony in using the Ginger Face and Body Mist. Since she’s a yoga teacher, she makes sure that she keeps her skin moisturized. I also like her tip for makeup enthusiasts. You may use the Face and Body Mist to remove your makeup. Talk about a multi-purpose product!
Was able to chat with Miss Coty once more. As always, she shares some of her “natural” secrets to looking youthful.
And here’s a photo with some of the beauty bloggers present during the event. 🙂
I’ve already used the Green Apple Bar Soap and it smells sooo good, doesn’t melt easily and really helps moisturize the skin! 🙂 More on this next time.



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