Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, the Original Wonder Jelly

I've been using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for years and years now and for several different purposes. It's a multi-purpose product and I don't know anybody who doesn't like multi-purpose products. The Original Wonder Jelly has proven time and again to be an all-around dependable product that offers moisturizing, soothing and protective benefits. When I feel like I need intense moisturization, I look to Vaseline.

Some of the things that I use it for are the following:
  1. Lip balm: I think everybody has tried using Vaseline as their lip balm.
  2. Intense hydration- I personally have dry patches, so I use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly because I know that it gives  moisture to those areas that need the most attention. 
  3. Mixing medium in makeup school- We were taught that you can use Petroleum Jelly as a mixing medium for your makeup. I've used it for the face, for that sunkissed dewy highlight.  Also used it for the eyelids with some glitter pigment for the metallic look. And finally for the hair during a shoot that needed glitters on the hair. 
  4. Foot love- I use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on my feet and wear socks on them when I notice that my feet and the soles of my feet have become really dry. 
  5. Makeup remover- When I forget my makeup remover and don't have anything onhand, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is my savior. I just put a dollop of product on a face napkin and clean away. 
  6. Rashes, chaffing and burns- I've also used Petroleum Jelly on nasty rashes and even chaffing. It also works well on burns too.  

 Those are my uses of the product. Here are some more ways to use it. 
  1. Prolongs scent and perfume when applied on skin
  2. Helps lubricate hard-to-remove jewelry
  3. Moisturizes dry, chapped lips
  4. Helps ease itchiness and redness from rashes
  5. Soothes skin after shaving or waxing
  6. Helps heal cracked heels and soften soles
  7. Pampers and moisturizes the face
  8. Helps calm sun burns and relieves other cuts and burns
  9. Removes makeup and dirt
  10. Helps protect babies' skin

See how mult-purpose and useful it is? It's no wonder every household has a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. It's a miracle product and if you've seen Vaseline's healing power? You can see their experiment before (click here to find out more), you'd know how effective and real the results are.

Share what's your favorite way to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Share your pick from the full list at and use the hashtag #Vaseline101

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