BYS Powder and Contour Brush Review

It's been awhile since I last talked about brushes. As a professional makeup artist, I do go through different brands of makeup brushes to see which ones work best for my clients. But since giving birth and starting to lay low on makeup work, I've also gone down to my favorites. One of my current favorites in my personal makeup drawer is the BYS Powder and Contour Brush.

It's housed in this packaging which isn't exciting and the color for me, wasn't that appealing, but seriously, don't be fooled! In this plastic box is a really really good brush!

On one side is the powder brush. Okay, I know what you're thinking. It's too tiny, how can it be a powder brush. Well let me tell you, you're right. I don't use this as a "powder brush" but rather as a setting brush. I basically use this brush to set my undereye concealer. And I have also used this to apply powder contour. And it works really well.

The brush is so soft that is why I didn't have doubts and used it even for my delicate undereye area. It's the right kind of "fluff" that is perfect to spread and set with powder makeup.

The other side is the contour brush side. It's a multi purpose brush because you can use it for your cream or liquid contour, highlight and even concealer. I've used it for my cream contour and highlight but I loved using this as my concealer brush. Mainly because I use powder contour and highlight more (on regular days) but I never skip concealer- ever.

It's pretty dense, perfect to pack on the product on very precise areas. However, it's still soft and it doesn't prick the skin whatsoever which makes it a great brush in my book.

Other things I love:
  • It's a 2 in 1 product, so it saves space.
  • It's so travel friendly. I have brought this to several trips I've had.
  • The color doesn't bleed. 
  • Did I mention it's soooo soft?

I don't like:
  • The glue of the ferrule got removed but it's no biggie, nothing Mighty Bond can fix.

For an inexpensive brush, this is a really good buy! And for someone who's just starting building their own makeup brushes, this is something you should check out. It's a multi purpose product in 1, what's better than that? :)


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

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