YELLOWMUM: 3 Year Old Toddler Update

I didn't realize that I haven't posted about this on here yet but I hope you were able to watch this video before on my Youtube channel.
Anyways, I wanted to talk about Robyn's 3rd year update. She is now a big girl!

I guess one of the major changes is that she has already self weaned. I truly waited for her to wean herself from nursing. It was gradual so it wasn't difficult and painful for me. She weaned at 3 years 2 months, a few weeks to about a month after our Hong Kong trip last March.

She's also been eating more. She still enjoys her carbs, fruits and veggies. Yup, Robyn eats vegetables and the newest addition to her fruits is pomelo. She loves it so much! And as for vegetables, we added moringa or malunggay and broccoli. And in true Tan fashion, she likes eating meat too. Hehe! I've brought her out just the 2 of us, we call it our date. She exclaims, "It's just mommy and me time." She also has her dates with Papa whenever I have things to do and I have to leave Robyn with him.

She's also toilet trained! I think I already mentioned this in my previous update but she was 2 yrs and 5 months when we successfully toilet trained her. So because of this, it was so convenient to go out and even travel with her.

Speaking of travel, we brought her to Hong Kong last March when Rob was 3 yrs and 1 month. It was our first time traveling out of the country with her and it was actually perfect if you ask me. Simply because she's bigger now, she's toilet trained and she listens to us. I'm glad that I waited a bit before bringing her along abroad because it turned our to be a fun vacation for us. I actually have a vlog if you haven't seen that yet, check it out here. I'll post it on the blog soon.

During our travel, we decided to wear Robyn instead of lugging our stroller. We just thought it was more convenient this way. So I used my Next 9 Ring Sling and used my Saya supporter when I backcarried Robyn.

Another big thing is school. We brought her to a Montessori school last September. Her classes were just 3x a week. Oh gosh, the 1st 2 weeks were really difficult because she'd cry when we bring her to school. After that though, she was okay. I just wanted to bring her for socialization and also for her to learn more rather than just staying home.

This school year though, we decided to enroll her in a Progressive school. And now, she goes 5x a week. And she has been loving it! She really loves her new school because of all the activities and games. I really like that they're teaching the kids Jollyphonics too. So Robyn can now read the sounds of all the letters.

 Robyn's progress report from last school year

She has improved her communication skills too. She tells stories and she loves singing and dancing. Her social skills has improved also but she's still quite shy especially if she's in an unfamiliar environment. But I could see that she's starting to open up little by little.

Her hobbies and interests are starting to show also. She loves art. She likes drawing, coloring and painting. We finally purchased a kiddie table for her so she can do her art and homeworks there. She also likes playing PlayDoh too. And, she now does "pretend play" with her toys and dolls.

I also noticed that her character is starting to come out. She's very disciplined, even her teachers say so. She's strict sometimes. Yup, a big sister in the making! But most of the time, she's just this sweet and funny little girl. She gives us morning hugs and kisses; tells us she loves us for no reason and out of the blue. She wipes my tears when I'm crying and hugs me when I'm feeling sad. Everyday, she's filled with kalokohan. She cracks me up!

We're not expecting another baby yet but it feels great knowing that Robyn seems to be ready if she ever gets a sibling. I can see that she'll be caring and protective of her sibling and she's been showing signs that she's ready, so that's a good thing, for future reference (if we decide to have another one.)

I swear, Robyn is now a big girl. She loves and enjoys helping me in chores and all that. She tells me all the time that she wants to help, whether it be laundry, feeding the dogs, making the bed or cooking. She makes us happy and exhausts us a lot. Haha!

I guess it's real when they say that time flies and babies and kids grow up so fast. Tama na baby, don't grow up TOO fast, please?

Mom loves you!

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