Argan Skin Salve-ation All-Around Salve

It’s another product review today and it’s Zenutrients’ Argan Skin Salve-ation. I’ve had my small tub for a year now and I still have about half of it. I got this as a sample from Sample Room in one of their runs before and even added it to my favorites last year.
Before anything else, what is Argan Oil, you may ask. Argan Oil, known as “nature’s liquid gold” has numerous benefits. It solves several skin and hair problems and prevents premature ageing. The Argan All-Around Salve is specifically blended with sunflower that retains skin moisture and has anti-oxidant properties; lavander which treats eczema, wrinkles and burns; and chamomile that soothes, heal and reduces scar formation on the skin.

There are several uses for the face and entire and entire body. Yes it’s a head-to-toe multi-purpose product. I personally use this as makeup remover, lip balm, undereye treatment and moisturizer for my dry patches.

I like using this as makeup remover because it deeply removes all traces of makeup even my eye makeup. I find that it melts my makeup quite easily though it does leave a greasy feeling so washing the face is necessary,

I use it as a lip balm when my lips need that extra care and moisture. There are days when my lips are extremely dry and chapped so i like using this miracle balm to help treat my lips.

I also use this as undereye treatment and moisturizer for my dry patches. Since it has lavender that helps combat eczema, I thought that this ia potent and perfect as moisturizer for my moisture-thirsty areas.

I reach for this time and time again because it’s a multi-purpose product. I talked about this briefly in my 2nd Quarter Favorites last year. If you haven’t seen that, click here to watch it.

If you want to try it out yourself, you can wait for another run at Sample Room as they restock especially really good items! Or you may simply visit any Zenutrients stall. They are all over and even has provincial branches so it’s very accessible! 🙂 

Side note, our home office is currently trashed. Because of the rainy weather, we found several leaks in the house including the home office where the computers and our work stuff are in. I had to move a lot of things and pile there somewhere first while the room is being repaired. As I’m typing this, my desktop is not in its proper place, I have to twist my body and my head just to see the screen. I’ll probably fix our things temporarily because work is just piling up! H already contacted somebody to fix the leaks and hopefully, it gets done soon, before anything else breaks. :/ So sorry for the lack of posts and videos.


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