I am SM Woman Fashion Haul

SM Woman has reached unprecedented heights as a fashion brand that seeks to make stylish clothing more accessible for every woman. From the quality of its materials to the range of sizes it offers, its classic designs to trendy ones, and flattering cuts that ensure a perfect fit every time – the brand spared no expense at redefining an all-new style with a bevy of exciting, fresh offerings. SM Woman now caters to every woman in a way that it never has before – from day to night, every season and every occasion.

I went to the launch of SM's campaign called I am SM Woman and I truly believe that I am indeed, SM Woman. I love how they highlighted the characteristics of being an SM woman and they celebrate womanhood. Obviously, I shop at SM all-the-time, so it just follows that I greatly support this campaign.

During the event, there were a lot of SALE items everywhere and starting 7pm to 9pm, there was a flash sale.

Models strut the runway to showcase SM fashion and I loved each and every outfit!

Look at them sexy shoes!

And hello accessories and clutch bag!

It goes without saying, I shopped from 7-9pm! Haha! I tried to score really good deals but I actually ended up buying newly released clothes. Good thing though that they were on 10% off, so I didn't feel as bad. :)

Want to see what I got?

Think you know what SM Woman is all about? Think again.

SM Woman makes it easy for anyone to look stylish all the time by bringing together The SM Store’s trademark collection of private labels under one name. It currently houses nine categories, offering something for every modern woman in all stages of her life — SM Woman Career, SM Woman Fashion, SM Woman Prima, SM Woman Denim/Casuals, SM Woman Sleep and Lounge, SM Woman Active, Coco Cabana by SM Woman, Gigi Amore by SM Woman, and SM Woman Plus.

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