Zen Zest at 15

One of the most successful industry is the beauty industry. This just proves that everybody wants to look, feel and smell beautiful- that's a fact. Know anybody who would rather stay stinky or dirty? No, right? 

Well, 15 years ago, Michelle Asence-Fontelera noticed how expensive imported bath and body products were and how no local brands provided the same good quality at affordable prices. Hence  in 2001,  Zen  Zest  was  born.  It  was  Michelle’s  answer  to  the  need  of  every  Filipina  to elevate her beauty, style, and home without breaking the bank.

A few weeks ago, Zen Zest celebrated its 15th year in the business and I was one of the lucky people to celebrate it with them. According to Liz, Michelle  trained  under  a  chemist  and  learned  how  to  formulate  her  own products.  Her  initial  colognes,  hand  sanitizers,  lotions,  perfumes,  and  soaps  were  all concocted and personally packaged in her home. 

Her first kiosk was in SM Megamall and now it's a successful enterprise. I have seen Zen Zest all around the Metro and have even used some of their products. So during the event, when I saw their spread, I was in awe. I didn't realize they have added so much more to their line.

Aromatherapy Line:
Room Spray - P250
Linen Spray - P250
Massage Oil - P220
Fragrance Oil - P150
Roll-on - P120

Classic Line:
Classic Body Spray - P200
Classic Body Wash - P140
Classic Body Scrub - P150
Hand Soap - P100
Hand Sanitizer - P50

Personal Scents: 
Eau De Toilette - P230
Eau De Parfum - P340
Eau De Cologne - P100
Cocktail Body Spray - P180

Home Fragrances: 
Air Purifier Kit - P1,500
Fragrance Blend - P500
Diffuser - P400
Anti-Mosquito/Anti-Tobacco/Kitchen/Cabinet Deodorizer- P300 (300ml) & P150 (150ml)

Here I was shopping their line. It's a serious business- smelling and sniffing fragrances, ok? Haha! :)

Many people love Zen Zest because they're practical and affordable but they don't compromise quality. Michelle adds, “We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the trends with our extensive market research. If the market needs or wants it, we’ll have it.”

The  key  is  to  keep  the  products  affordable,  but  that  doesn’t  mean  that  they  have  to  look like it,” Michelle reveals. Despite offering their products at a very low price point, Zen Zest maintains its promise of quality and beauty inside and out. Think under P200 gift packs that look, smell, and feel like the fancy toiletries imported from other countries. She shares, “Our holiday sets are especially competitive because we want to give our customers the option to give affordable presents that the recipient would truly appreciate.”

Here's my vlog during the day:

Just gotta post these yummy food from Le Petite Souffle. Definitely going back for these!

 Salted Egg Parfait

Going back to Zen Zest. I learned that they have already reached Asian markets such as Japan, Bahrain and Brunei, and there's no stopping just yet. It feels so great knowing that our local brands are succeeding in entering other countries. It makes me so proud to be Pinoy. As Michelle said, “Fifteen years may seem like a long time to be in business, but it’s just the beginning for Zen Zest.”

Congratulations Zen Zest!

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