Classic Curls Hair Tutorial

Here's how I achieve classic curls and I share with you the secret to make it last longer. My hair is very limp and fine that it's very hard to curl and the curls don't last, so in this video, I show you how I keep it on. :)

I'm using the Do Do 5in1 Curling Ceramic Set that I purchased from Atelier Manille.

I've been looking for clipless curling rods for so long. Why? For one, I already have 2 curling irons in different sizes. Well, I mainly use those for my clients when I have makeup work. Secondly, I saw so many tutorials using clipless ones and they all seemed to be really easy to do. Third, they usually give natural looking curls.

So the hunt began and I found this Do Do Curling Set from Atelier Manille and it was less than P3,000 for 5 rods! So I knew I had to buy it.

This is the base and there's a very basic on and off button and up and down which is the heat control.

It's actually very easy to use and it's also easy to change the rods too. So even beginners will definitely have an easy time playing with this.

The set comes with 10-18mm, 18-25mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm rods and it also comes with a heat resistant glove.

In this tutorial, I used the 25mm rod to give me tighter curls- classic curls.

Here's how I curl my hair:
  1. Use Heat Protectant
  2.  Apply Hair Mousse
  3. Blowdry the mousse to activate it.
  4. Start curling. For longer lasting curls, I suggest to make it tighter.
  5. Try to keep the hair flat on the barrel so the heat is distributed evenly.
  6. Apply Hair Spray
  7. Finger comb very gently.

I'm really happy with the set. I have used it 3x already and played with different barrel sizes to see different results. I think it's a really good buy considering you can achieve so many different looks with only one tool.

I hope you found my tips quite helpful. Believe me, I also struggle because of my fine straight hair. :) But I just love sporting curls and waves from time to time and looking different just because of a temporary hairstyle.

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