Cathy Doll is Here!

Cathy Doll is here in the Philippines! I remember seeing the brand in Bangkok a couple of years back and so when I received the invitation that they're launching here in the Philippines, I was quite giddy. See, I am a sucker for really cute packaging! And their packaging is adorable and so much more!

KARMART established Cathy Doll, now one of the leading brands in Asia that offers Korean-inspired beauty products. With a wide range of cosmetics, beauty accessories and skincare which span across the spectrum of personal care, girls from across the globe have come to love Cathy Doll and made the icon a part of their everyday beauty staples, featuring Cathy Doll as one of the popular brands to be highlighted on social media accounts and blogs worldwide.

Heavily influenced by newest Korean offerings, Cathy Doll also works with cosmetics research institutions and global manufacturing leaders in Korea to create beauty remedies and innovations. Each Cathy Doll product is competitively priced and packaged in the fanciest designs to satisfy and inspire not only our visual appetites, but also our hearts. When I saw the prices, there was nothing more than P1000! Talk about a bargain, right?

Karmart is painting Asia bright pink with its market expansion that stretches from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and now to the Philippines with a wide range of makeup, facial care, body care, hair care, nail care, fragrance and beauty accessories to make sure that all dollies are perfect from head to toe and inside out. Because of the growing demands of personal care products, Karmart focuses on cosmetic innovation to suit every customer’s changing needs and preferences.

 Congratulations Karmart!

Here's my vlog that day: 

Here are their products:


No. 1 Whitening series to correct skin color (color correcting) and effectively control oil, resist perspiration and protects against UV through a range of SPF values. Available in powder pact and CC cream tailored individually for face and body. Products contain Arbutin and Marine collagen that produce instant whitening results from the first use.

Japanese – inspired collection of eye and lip make-up designed to bring out the most intense colours of life through lasting effects and moisturizing (lip matte) functions.

Formulated with Onsen mineral drops, the splash essence items individually contains Arbutin, L-Glutathione and Goat Milk extract for instant whitening, brightening and firming of skin. Also act as a primer to lay a good foundation for a pore-less finish to daily makeup.

Available in 8ml (sachet), 60ml & 138ml, this hot seller can be used for both face and body and contains L-Glutathione to effectively whiten skin while protecting our skin against UV with SPF 50 PA+++.

Whitening series that also brightens skin through advanced Nano Encapsulation technology to lock in moisture. Contains Glutathione, Arbutin and Milk protein for fast whitening result and snail secretion filtrate to improve skin elasticity and tighten aging skin.

Snail Pink and Snail Bright products contain Mucus Extract for tightening, firming and pore-reduction. Face & Body DD cream is good for all skin tones and skin types. Lightweight and non-greasy, you can be sure of instant whitening result and flawless coverage of face & body through the powers of snail!

Intrigued? They're already available! Here are their store locations:

Cathy Doll Philippines
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