Wear Your Own Lashes, Only Better with Lash EM!

When I remember when my makeup journey started, I never forget my eyelash obsession stage. My eyelashes have always been this way, fine (just like my hair), sparse and short. Not to mention, stick straight. So I used to get my lashes permed every few months and spent a lot on mascaras and falsies.

meh lashes

Nowadays, I'm really more simple in my everyday makeup. I ain't got time perming my lashes or using expensive mascaras. So I was excited to find out about Lash EM that lengthens not only lashes but also thickens brows.

Lash EM is a luxury range of lash and brow products that have been launched recently and is making waves amongst beauty loving Filipinas. The formulation of all its products are composed of expert hair technology and a mixture of nature-derived products that aim to fortify the frowth and beauyty of hairs in the lashes and brows.

Sympeptide lengthens, thickens and strengthens the hair, plant-derived ingredients block off free radical damage on hairs, natural flower distillate makes the lashes appear more lush, and Lash EM's patented technology, QuSome, seals ingredients together so the skin's nutrient absorption is improved, causing optimal results. 

In just 4-6 weeks, see your lashes reach new heights and your brows get thicker than ever.

I received All Eyes On You and the Colour Strokes Brow Tint and Lift. But today, I wanted to talk about All Eye On You Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum.

  the star product that lengthens lashes and thickens brows
contains amino acids to condition hair strands as well
P3,599.75 / 3ml

It infuses the hair with essential nutrients, antioxidants and peptides for care and nourishment. I put it to the test and used it for 3 weeks straight. So let me show you my journey.

 MAY 2

 Started with this. As you can see my lashes are short, thin and really fine.


MAY 14

 I noticed that my lashes were still thin, but there was slight lengthening. And when I wear mascara, that's when it's more obvious.


MAY 22

 I noticed that my lashes got stronger and a bit thicker. But the most evident result is that my lashes got longer. 


MAY 23
with mascara

 I used it on both my top and bottom lashes.

 Flirty and long lashes! :D

  • so easy to use
  • no stinging sensation 
  • packaging is luxuriuous
  • brush is very precise
  • I can wear makeup over it.
  • great results even just after 3 weeks of use! Definitely lengthen my lashes.

  • price is quite steep
  • not for lazy people (it's not instant results)

The application is quite simple. Prep your lashes and brows with All Eye On You Eyelash and Brow Enhancing Serum then proceed with your usual eye makeup routine.

When I don't use eye makeup that day, I just put the serum and voila, done!

Here's my 3 week journey so far. I'm very impressed. It's so easy to use, no pain whatsoever and it works! I know that the price may be scary, but trust me, there's nothing better than wearing your own natural lashes, only better! ;)

I do highly recommend this to those like me who really aren't satisfied with their lashes and are looking for quick and easy alternative to getting flirty and lusciously long lashes!


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

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