Shoes Haul!

I'm not much of a shopper when it comes to shoes. I honestly rarely buy shoes but there are times when I see cute ones and I just can't say no.

Recently, the shopping bug hit me and I went shoe shopping and I went crazy over the pairs that I purchased.


 Comfort Plus

I loved the design. It's subtle yet it still makes a statement. This is also comfortable and the heels aren't that high since I don't need additional height anyways.

 Dexter Comfort

This is one of the cute shoes that I just couldn't pass out on even though I didn't really need it. I like that it's flat yet it still looks very feminine. Perfect when I'm wearing shorts or skirts.

 Dexter Comfort

Another one from the same brand is this pair of walking shoes. I looove this. This is extremely comfortable however I just realized that it's not properly sewn. You can see on the sides that it's starting to get loose. So I have to have it repaired before I use it. :(

 Dexter Comfort

This pair, my husband really liked. I remember I was simply looking for sandals but he urged me to buy it. It was also pretty comfortable since they're wedge. And the design is really nice. Very girly, perfect for almost any occasion.  


 Go Walk 2

I only got 1 pair from Skechers and this is the Go Walk 2. My husband owns a pair and he really loved his that he wanted me to get one. At that time, I didn't think I need it yet. But eventually, because he kept saying that it was really comfy, I decided to get one for myself. It's really really comfortable and there's a squishy feeling when I walk. It's also made for walking so my feet don't hurt at all even after so many hours of walking.

That's my haul! Let me know if you know other shoes or shoe styles that you've seen in the market that may fit my style. :) I'd appreciate suggestions!

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