Baby Foot Review

There's one product that I didn't think I was going to review. Or let's just say I didn't know when I will review simply because the process takes a long time and it should be done when I know I don't have special events or occasions that will require me to show any part of my feet. Curious why? Let me reintroduce Baby Foot

I posted about Baby Foot when they launched last year. Click here if you haven't seen it yet.  And like what I said, it took awhile before I was able to use my pair of "magical socks" as I would like to call it. But let me tell you, once you've tried it, you will understand what the hype is about.

Baby Foot is a Japanese Foot Peel that removes dead & hard foot skin using natural fruit acids in just 3 easy steps.

So here's the first time I tried Baby Foot. It was so squishy inside. They said you can actually walk even while wearing it and you can indeed because the package includes adhesive/sticker that will secure the wrap. But I personally just stayed on my area, watched TV and carefully stepped my feet from time to time to let the gel spread and to let my feet drink up all the serum inside.

 January 8
Day 1

After 30 minutes, it was time to remove and rinse. I noticed right away that my feet felt dry and it looked like there was a film on my feet. 

Couple days later, 4 days to be exact, it finally happened- the dreaded peeling.

 January 12
Day 4

It wasn't as bad yet at first. It was actually pretty cool seeing my skin blow up like that. Hehe!

Then at this point, I was naglalagas and my husband would get irritated because my skin will be all over the place. At night, I don't wear socks when I sleep so you can imagine my sheets. This is also the time I would sing "The way you make me peel. It really turns me on." Hahaha!

Eventually, I started liking it because I could already take a peek of my new skin. but tt was really difficult to keep myself from peeling the skin. Even Robyn upon seeing the skin hanging and dangling from my skin would want to remove it. Haha! What a sheet!!! :D

 January 14
Day 6

After 1 week, peeling's almost gone and I'm left with amazingly soft feet. My problem areas have become softer and the texture is remarkable, baby foot indeed! I was truly amazed!

 January 15
Day 7

 They said that the effect is good until 3 months. 2 months in, I actually stopped counting so I honestly don't know how long the results lasted. I was just so happy that my feet still felt soft and smooth even after 2 months.It saved me from foot scrubs and foot spas, that ironically would make your skin tougher in the long run.

So I highly recommend this. It may be pricey at P830.00 per pack and a hassle during the peeling stage, but trust me, it is really worth it when you see your "new" feet, your baby feet that is. ;)


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

Baby Foot
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Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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