Dove Go Shave!

I remember when I first started growing underarm hair. Oh boy was I anxious. I remember the first solution was shaving. It is the most common method of underarm hair removal for 70% of Filipinas simply because it’s the quickest and most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair.
I remembering swearing shaving and saying goodbye to it when I realized that my underarms were getting darker. 1/3 of what we remove when shaving is actually skin, which leads to underarm darkening. Along with the hair, it also takes away the top-most layer of the skin, leaving it irritated. So when we constantly shave, our skin is unable to heal itself and starts to become bumpy, dry and dark. Hence, some women complain about “chicken skin”.
So when I was invited to the Dove Go Shave event, it really made me curious. During the event, guests were asked to write a message to their razor and mine said “It was while it lasted.” Hehe!
Hosts Patty and Saab looked radiant in white. And I am in love with Saab’s dress!!!
They were joined by the other Dove Girls, Dani and Kelly and shared their shaving stories.
It was funny how each of them had different pet names for their underarms. They all had their own insecurities and one even said that it was difficult not knowing what one should do when they start developing unwanted hair.

Apples Aberin said, “In line with Dove’s mission to provide real women with real care, we want to encourage them to go shave, and enjoy their lives fully because Dove deodorant takes care of their underarms.”

They also showed us what happens to the skin when we shave. Here’s a little demo.
When we shave, our skin gets irritated and an initial sign is redness as seen in this patch.
So they used Dove Deodorant on it, swirled it around and showed us what happens.

You can see that the redness is gone! Dove, with its unique 1/4 moisturizing cream, soothes underarm skin. It helps repair damage caused by shaving, making the underarms smoother and lighter.
Dra. Anna Palabyab-Rufino of the Philippine Dermatological Society says, “Shaving is practically considered a necessity as women want to remove underarm hair, which is why using a deodorant with mosturizing benefits on a daily basis is the perfect way to care for your underarms.”

Fellow blogger, Sabs of TheMakeupMaven, also swears by Dove. Dove is her go-to brand  for her and her baby, Henri!
She said that her unwanted hair grows really fast so she constantly makes sure to remove it and so she began noticing “chicken skin” on her underarm. But after using Dove deodorant, her underarms got lighter and smoother and the chicken skin/bumps were minimized.
I was with my friends Gem, Jes and Jen and we were sharing each other underarm stories. It was really funny how all of us were so surprised with the demo done. 

We were also asked to make our own Dove Deo Care Kit during the event and even mail a personalized Dove Deo Care Kit to a loved one. I gave it to my mom and sisters. 🙂

I actually go for laser for my underarm but every now and then, in between my laser appointments, I would need to shave a strand or two. I’m happy that now I can go shave whenever I want without worrying that it will harm my skin.

Dove also has an ongoing promo! For the price of a regular roll-on or aerosol, you not only get a limited edition Dove Deo pouch for free, but also a chance to win a Dove Deo getaway to El Nido with two friends, by redeeming the code inside to join the raffle.





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