Full Review: Maybelline White Superfresh

I just realized that I haven't posted a full review on my favorite find for powder last 2015, Maybelline White Superfresh. Shame on me. I guess because I've used it so much the past year, I totally overlooked sitting down and actually typing about it. Although I have talked about it multiple times, here and here but this is going to me a full review. 

Packaging is very clean, white and simple. I actually like this because it's very discreet.

Innovated with the powerful Clean-touch Powder Technology, girls can now be confident all day from morning to evening with a powder foundation that promises zero cakeyness, zero dullness, and zero meltdowns.

I remember the first time that I used it, I already knew that it was something special. Not only was it inexpensive, but it also gave me a nice matte finish and it also has a pretty decent coverage. It's actually not sheer so most of the time, I find myself wearing it alone.

I also tried using it wet but for some reason, I noticed that it created a dent on my powder and it didn't do anything different on my skin. Same coverage, same everything. So after that, I just wore it dry.

Here are some photos of me wearing it:

when I went to Baguio (cooler weather)
 1. Right after application (no foundation, just concealer)
2. 5 hours after (no retouch)
3. 10 hours (no retouch the entire day)

 back in Manila (warm/humid weather)
2 hours after makeup application
no retouch

 back in Manila (warm/humid weather)
5 hours after makeup application
no retouch

  • SPF34 PA++
  • keeps me shine free for about 6 hours (warm weather)
  • good coverage
  • really good at keeping the face matte
  • leaves flawless and even finish
  • affordable
  • decent packaging

  • may look a little flat if you don't contour or put on blush
  • not for those who are looking for a dewy, healthy finish
  • doesn't last for 12 hours without retouching for humid weather like Manila. Retouch is needed after 6-8 hours.
Since I seriously hate touchups, this is definitely something to try because with my combination skin, I can do away without retouching for a long time. Based on my experience, I only have to retouch once and I'll still look fresh the entire day. I highly recommend this product for oily and combination skin women whether as a powder foundation or as a retouch powder!


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

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Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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