Best Gift Last 2015

While I wait for Robyn to come home from school, I decided to look back at my 2015 and think about the things that happened last year that I'm truly thankful for. I saw posts about "What I Got for Christmas" and so let me share with you what I got last year that I'm most grateful for. I received the gift of home.

Last 2015, we finally moved to our new house. I have said before that it's like an unspoken dream to have our own house. And that dream came true this 2015. It took 1 year for us to build our dream house. Finding the perfect lot, designing our own layout and decorating and furnishing the house wasn't easy but I'm proud of what we've done with our space. I'm so proud that everything in the house came from our own blood, sweat and tears.

Our house might not be as big or grand as the others, but i'ts our home. My home that I make sure is filled with love and laughter every single day.

Other than the house, the gift of home also means family. My family is my everything. I cannot even put into words how happy and proud I am Robyn and my husband.

My husband is one of the best people I know. He's so handsome (I still get kilig when I look at him), smart, extremely funny; he's full of wisdom and most of all, he's the most supportive person I have ever met. I know he may not be perfect and hey, we argue at times too, and God knows we have our differences, but at the end of the day, he makes all my dreams come true, every single one. Even ones I didn't even know I had. Being with him and marrying him is definitely the best decision I have made my entire life. God really works in mysterious ways and I'm so grateful that He made meeting H possible.

And how do I even start with my daughter? She is my life. She brings purpose to my whole being. Ever since giving birth, I already learned that I was put into this world to be a mother. Honestly, it's no walk in the park. I get annoyed, frustrated and mad at times, but seeing her smile, hearing her laugh and all those hugs and kisses make everything all worthwhile. Last 2015, she started becoming more of a kid than a baby. Her personality shines through and I am extremely proud.

Last December, we went to Baguio with 2 of my sisters (sucks that my parents and my other sister weren't able to join us though) and that made me realize how much I missed spending time with my own family.

I love how close knit my family is. We make sure to spend time together even during special occasions. I know that it's so hard to find time to be together but when we do, it's always a blast! This is one of goals to keep the family spirit alive.

I also went back to being more regular at uploading more videos. It was quite hard to record videos and edit them because I was so busy and so focused on Robyn, especially when she was younger. So I just continued on with blogging. But I'm glad that I found a better routine for us now and since Robyn has started going to school 3x a week, it gave me a little time to do more of my work. It felt really nice going back to doing videos because I've always enjoyed it, just as much as I enjoy blogging. 

The gift of home is definitely the highlight of my 2015. How about you? What's the best gift you received last 2015?

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