YELLOWMUM: My Breastfeeding Story and Tips to Extend Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has always been something that I wanted to do a video about but have always set it aside because I wasn't confident enough. Some people still think it's taboo to talk about it just because it's talking about breasts. But come on people, grow up.

I have been breastfeeding Robyn for almost 3 years now and I gotta say because of that, I've become more comfortable and more confident talking about it. I also love hearing surprised and shocked comments when I tell people that I'm still nursing. Yes I am and I'm not ashamed to discuss it.

I'm going to start you off my saying that this video is quite lengthy but I wish that you'll find it helpful and somehow inspirational. If there's one take away from the video, it's that "You can do it as long as you believe in yourself."

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